Are Your Strengths Your Weaknesses?

Are Your Strengths Your Weaknesses?

My strengths (many of them) are also my weaknesses. Ask Josh & Nolan. 



Part of what having a sense of self or a deeper hold / grasp on our [true] identity (who we are without all the chatter, hurts or doubt) is having a sense of humor around both those strengths and weaknesses…

Having and keeping lightness is keeping what I call neutral about it all. 

Not overthinking either of them, as in, not overthinking or patting ourselves on the back around how great we are because of what we can naturally do, nor thinking down on us because of the parts we feel more challenged by is having a sense of ourselves that is most observer than critic. 

Knowing who we are (at the core core core) is felt or exercised by being more of that ~ more observer vs critic… 

The observer will still tell you where you need to go and how you need to grow, whereas the critic will beat you down so that neither are in view (the opposite of growth, death). 

Also, observation (distance) *and* neutrality are best friends with peace which is always the more helpful and healthful state ~ a feeling of grounding (just like a tree we need to feel more grounding on the daily, so we can root — or grow — up).

Being the observer of our strengths and weaknesses (or how the former can also BE the latter 😉 allows us to really hear people when they have something to say around how what we said or did affected them…and do or say something different next time (~> growth/betterment/development).

Observation and peace allows us to become more aware of who we are at each moment which then usually presents us the opp to change or “fortify” our weaknesses, knowing, of course, that we’ll never be done with that fortifying…


I find it both funny and reassuring that we’ll never be done. None of us (that’s the reassuring part).

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good,

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