Your Stamina (ideas people, listen up)

Ireland is AWESOME — and even more awesome when I continue chasing the next movement. 

Building it or being inside it. Body, mind, and spirit are all better for the structure, creation of challenges and adventures created to experience.

Experiences vs. things. 

Before landing on this side of the pond, and, as important as the unique experiences planned, I scheduled various workouts in each city, similar to what I’d do at home and how often I’d do them at home (I do it every time I travel). This workout with Josh and Bryan being the first. 

I was about to do a livestream about “chasing our next movement”, but then Josh told me I had to get on our next flight. Boo. But yeay.

We land to our new destination in two hours and will hit yoga. All to say — >chase your movement. What do you want to build? And what do you need in mind, body, spirit to help support that building?

Building ourselves physically is important (stamina, “work out” your last problem or idea) but the building/results that come from building ourselves emotionally are entirely unique and powerful. 

In related news, I revel in this guy’s support. Today as I walked with computer in hand to our gate finishing working on something as I walked, he held/rolled every carry-on. 

I did end up managing to do a quick 45-second or so livestream on Instagram walking to the gate and he made a cameo appearance…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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