Your Brand of Ease (Branding Retreat photo)

[Photo by Ashlee Wilson Dephillippo]

We can and do over-complicate what branding means.

We can and do over-complicate what expression or being "authentic" calls us forward to do and do consistently.

We can and do over-complicate what it takes to create a successful and profitable company or collective that feels way more than a business because it IS way more than a business.

In the end, it comes back to the work you commit to doing on yourself and the support you have while you do it (this will always create and/or grow your brand of woman, in and outside of business).

It also is very much about never losing sight of your humanness and knowing that sustainable success is about a creative mix of both heart and hustle.

As an entrepreneur, powerful global leader and brand you need it all, but it needn't come with struggle.

Hustle to Zsuzsa and me is not your typical hustle. It is about being out there consistently with confidence, purpose and power, doing what you say you will do to reach a goal and another and another, over and over again, all while you take ridiculous care of yourself.

True commitment and this kind of alignment move the needle, and so does doing the work on yourself and in the business, every single time.

Hands up for this brand of ease being where prosperity begins:

Enjoy your business, enjoy your LIFE.

Life is good,





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