You did it.

Having studied yoga philosophy for seven months and generally living what I’d like to call a mindful life, I know the power in  visualization.

Successful people don’t have something special that you don’t. They might do some things that are “special” or different than what you’re doing, however, there is nothing inherently more valuable or capable in her than in you. (there isn’t)

It’s all about the emphasis we put on certain practices, rituals and most definitely the super-size of focus, drive and level of  trust in yourself that will make or break you (our conditioning is a big one).

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell discussed his theory around 10,000 hours in his book Outliers. He believes it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something. Well, first things first. He believes you CAN become an expert if you simply put in the time.

But There’s More To It

I agree and also add the pieces mentioned above about routines and practices we partake in to keep us moving forward in the right direction.

You must take care of yourself and tune in to create a success that feels good: Practice mindfulness. Practice rituals such as visualization to see and feel what you want…it will motivate you to keep going no matter how scary or big you think the goal or vision is, trust me.

Here’s a Great (easy & quick) Visualization to Practice Often

Visualize the project you’re working on…

• the book you’re writing

• the program you’re starting

• the baby you’re growing

• the business you’re about to start

Imagine your thing as the most beautiful version of itself: what they’ll look like/be like once they are finished. Envision the joy they’ll produce for yourself, yes, but for the people its meant to touch as well.

Envision it being “done” ~ birthed.

You did it.

How does that make you feel? See the reaction others will have. Envision the feeling of having put something out into the world you’ve wanted to put out for such a long time. Let that feeling grow inside you, really allow it to take up space.

Take it all in. Let it sit. Let it simmer.

Now let it go…

It’s not your business how exactly that success will come to you (many times it comes to us in a fashion we haven’t planned on) but it IS your business to continuing putting in the time, energy and positive mindset that it will come.

In my opinion, visualization is a version of meditation I like to call reflection. Reflecting on what we want is so important. I really do see it as a way to take care of ourselves. A way to take pause yet keep us moving emotionally in the direction of our largest lives.

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