You Are Your Mama’s Greatest _____!

Nolan’s passport birth announcement, July 2005

Telling our story can be as soothing as a spa day, yoga or both.

It’s what our mamas wanted for us since the start (of our time here). They wanted us to not be afraid to speak our mind in life, to life and to the many who would need us to speak love and boundaries throughout it.

Part of speaking our mind is speaking our story.

Think of all the stories they told us growing up, the ones they read to us from books, pulled from a distant memory or went through albums to tell us.

Some were light and easy to tell, others harder to admit, but all interesting and telling of the cells, fibers and energetic fabric that both made us and keeps us today, especially when and because we share from that fabric and legacy, equal parts feisty, loving, raw, biting, imperfect and fascinating…

We are fascinating beings, inclusive, not exclusive of the harder moments. Fascinating.

Being human and coming from love as well as bumps and bruises is every bit lovable, not the opposite.

Stories — all types of them — are our natural expression and, as such, they’re an exercise in accepting ourselves. They fuel understanding, perspective and, ultimately, self-love.

If you want to release the many (other) stories that aren’t serving daily contentment and acceptance of self, serve yourself the opportunity of telling more of all of your story, not solely part(s).

You are not the parts.

You are the whole and acknowledging all parts (light-hearted or heavy-handed) keeps you feeling that way ~ whole.

If it’s too painful to share or give of yourself (back to yourself) or to others in this way, finding yourself saying “I (want to), but I can’t,” take that as the nudge or opportunity to try another level deeper of the development work necessary to make it less so.

  • What if telling your story mended that which needed mending?
  • What if it emptied part of the heavy backpack you’ve been carrying, so you could fit the other cool things you need for the adventure or trek you’ve consciously chosen to take next?
  • What if it brings you closer to those you love or those relationships you’re attempting to grow?
  • What if that healing heals what you deem the inability to keep or hold onto whatever seems to keep slipping through your hands…money, a deeper romantic relationship, _______?
  • What if the practice gained helps you find the strength to use your voice in the other and multiple positive ways she’s meant to?

At GGP and through the presenters this last weekend, in many ways, we spoke about and gave insights and solutions for this age of disconnection (each GGP does that in its own way; it’s a golden thread).

But there’s a similar something in the air outside GGP and in the grand collective, too, because I keep having conversations with friends about how passionately they want more communication.

Specifically, the kind of communication that allows for real and deeper friendships, marriages or businesses.

The kind of communication that shares who we genuinely are (the B sides as much as the A sides), where we come from…all the stuff that is real, brilliant, raw, light, darker or, maybe, just simply h a p p e n i n g  RIGHT NOW. All important to discuss and receive human connection and understanding around.

If we can’t talk about what’s real, is anything that we create, write, share, grow or build real?

Speaking of real (love), back to our mamas…

Here’s how I view the connection between mothers [parents, really] and our true expression. It’s simple or simplified, either way, it seems to aid in promoting authentic expression that promotes better relationships…

If I’m my Mom’s wish let loose on the world (and I am), you are, too, then we might consider the speaking of our mind and speaking of our true story a legacy project (purpose) a way to LET ourselves loose.

Though there were many things I know my Mom wanted for me, she very much wanted and wants for me to be fully expressed, in all ways that may happen.

Your mama, whether she’s here or there, wants that, too. Sometimes we don’t know how to tell our kids, “hey, in the telling of your truth or your story, you become the writer of it,” but that’s exactly what happens.

The storyteller becomes the writer.

You are your mama’s greatest wish, story and writer let loose on the world…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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