You are an artist (how about that for perspective)

If you normally look at things, the entity or project you’re working on, the one others, or most, have saidĀ isn’t possible or won’t work that way and don’t entertain it, not even for a second, you’re an artist.

A writing artist.

A fashion artist.

A business artist.

A marketing artist.

A student artist.

A relationship artist.

A growth artist.

You may or may not call yourself that out in the world, but knowing it can make all the difference. It changes the way you walk, talk and allow yourself to think about everything else that comes in front of you, giving you multiple angles and perspectives to get to the solution, the solve and ultimately to true, authentic success.

Powerful branding ~ and a colorful, expressed, unprescribed life ~ is allowing yourself to look at what’s in front of you (yourself included) and calling it as you feel it.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,





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