While You’re Healing, Help Others Heal

Now that he’s in high school, I drive just under three hours every day to get him to and from school.

We had nine years of first living five doors down from school and then about three blocks from school and now we get to experience a whole new type of departure and arrival and a new, beep beep, part or side of our relationship, too — grateful my business allows me the opportunity to be this mobile.

I think of these three hours: “Look at what they’re allowing me to do, talk about, hear about or to more fully understand, or — look at who I can sit in comfortable silence with, stealing a glance, while hearing hip hop bounce from the one headphone he’ll sometimes put in.”


The cost of something is the connection or growth point to something else. Let’s not look solely at the cost of something (what’s been taken away), but at what’s being put in its place. There’s always some thing —or some one.

[Visiting Crumbs & Whiskers for the second time — this time, I surprised Nolan with a visit while he was healing from a concussion. If you live in LA, check C&W out. You can order tea or coffee and snacks while you and someone you love play with kittens and cats who have been saved from being euthanized. Prrrfect thing, really…while you’re healing, help others heal heal,✌🏽

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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