When My Heart Broke (And Business Grew)

Your beauty is one-of-a-kind, your love is one-of-a-kind, your success is one-of-a-kind AND because your heartbreak, your grief, your divorce, your city/state/country/home move, your sickness, your j-o-b to entrepreneur switch, your health scare, your care-giving of family members and your post-partum journey are one-of-a-kind, your comeback will be as well! 


This will your brand, your revenue and family will get its directive from…

And let’s make no mistake. Many of us are “coming back” right now  –  in other words, I see you and I feel you (To get the strategies, soul and brand honesty tips in the first complimentary share and give fest of 2017 on February 9th REGISTER HERE).

We all deserve a comeback.

In fact, we deserve and will have many, many comeback success stories throughout our lives.

As Creative Heroines — women who move from problem to solution in hopes of expressing who they really are– our very creativity, that which points to an innate resilience, ability to plan (as well as be spontaneous and intuitive) and our ability to ask for and receive support (as well as fold in generosity into our business model) guarantees that we come back and reinvent ourselves, time and time again… 

What I’ve Witnessed

Over the last 15 years at MGI, I’ve witnessed women re-invent themselves via their personal brands, through the revenue in their businesses, through the life and joy their children give them, as well as through their marriages or bodies, the list is long.

It’s time to re-invent ourselves through ourselves. 

Today we are being asked or invited to do that, in no uncertain terms. JOIN US on February 9th for a complimentary training that will blow your socks off, REGISTER HERE

Though my work as a Success and Brand Coach is multiple-pronged, for example, supporting clients to get clear on their sweet spot, their authentic brand, with revenue strategies, with signature processes, in the launching of programs and, overall, keeping their vibe high to attract what they want, over the last nine months or so, I’ve spoken to more friends and clients, both in the U.S. and abroad, than I ever have about what they’ve been going through…in other words, the who, what, when, where, how of their comeback!

…coming back to business and life after heartbreak, coming back after divorce, coming back after a baby, coming back after losing someone you deeply love, coming back after a health scare, coming back after a move, coming back after quitting a j-o-b you were doing on the side trying to get your business up and running, coming back after care-giving, coming back after just simply not feeling it, either for your business, or LIFE…

Whatever your “come back” story is or what you’re coming back from (and it will BE a success story)…

  • Coming back stronger is what you’re about! Again, it’s as “but of course” and innate as your creativity is (your creativity, which I know is way up there on your superpower list of abilities is not just for the lucky few, it is something all of us ladies, all of us Creative Heroines have that helps us thrive, not just survive)…
  • Coming back to make more money in total alignment is what you’re about!
  • Coming back to do online business or within structures or processes that feel right is what you’re about!
  • Coming back to a business and brand that holds you by telling your story and that holds your honesty (and therefore, more sincere and genuine engagement) is what you’re about!

So, let’s do it, let’s honestly, sincerely and more fully discuss this and give you, in two hours more than you have maybe allowed yourself to receive yet in 2017:

Designing Your Couture Comeback:
Strategy, Soul and Brand Honesty in 2017

Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Time: 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm London / 8pm Amsterdam

Length of the Training/Epic Give Fest: 2 hours

The worksheet that will support you in this training will come to those who REGISTER (+ recording will be up for 48 hours only, so we encourage you to show up LIVE). Beyond the coaching and great programs and masterminds we are known for, I’m happy to say that one of the deliverables we are known for are the well-curated workbooks and worksheets. Register to receive yours and get the goods on the LIVE training!

Remember, what we take the time to design, designs us. 

Let’s design your couture or signature comeback in business, brand, with self and in relationships, the way we will need to do everything best this year — together.

We will cover off on specific how-tos within the above four categories where you will come back stronger and more in alignment, more confident, more honest and with more heart, therefore, leading to feeling more peace and success in your life, as a result. Of course, since this will be your couture comeback, the information given will best be filtered through your values, your goals and where you are in your business and personal development. In short, YOU are the blueprint!

And…you will leave the Designing Your Couture Comeback:
Strategy, Soul and Brand Honesty in 2017 with:

  • A 90-day Review of Your Comeback Areas
  • Feeling Heard and Understood (I see your multi-passionate, multi-dimensional and multi-purpose ways, creative and Renaissance woman!)
  • Knowing My Own Story of Coming Back (I am you, you are me)
  • Hearing from My Husband Around How Your Partner Can Support Your Comeback (we will have a worksheet for your partner to review, if he (and you, both) so choose.
  • Feeling Renewed Clarity of Your Vision
  • An Understanding of What Leadership in Business and Branding Is and Isn’t in 2017
  • Being Anointed a Creative Heroine
  • A Curiosity and/or Excitement Around Getting Better Known by Infusing Service & Generosity into Your Business Model
  • What the Number 1 Strategy is That Works for Driven, Yet Soulful Women Like Us
  • Feeling Like You’ve Cleared Space to Become a Magnet to Magic, Ease and Joy…
  • You will also learn more about My Next Group, the CEO Changemaker Mastermind which includes a focus on all of the above….

So, see you there LIVE, resilient human. Don’t forget to REGISTER to receive the call-in details HERE and mark February 9th at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm London/8pm Amsterdam in your calendar now. It will be not just what you need, but what we all need…

Talk to you soon, Creative Heroine and Couture Creation.

Until then, and, as always, enjoy your business, enjoy your life!




p.s. As I mentioned, the recording will only be available for 48 hours. Plan to show up LIVE on February 9th now and let’s be comeback sisters, almost in the flesh. 🙂 . Let’s design your couture comeback Thursday, February 9th at 11am Pacific, REGISTER here.

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