What Your IG Tiles Look Like

I recently watched a quick clip of a social media expert telling people to watch for what the tiles look like on their Instagram feed.

I say, empty out the contents of you, yourself, your soul and focus on allowing others to feed on that.

Give of your vitality, in other words, your brand of vivaciousness. We’ve heard it all before, but it can’t be said or heard enough ~ give v a l u e.

And guess where that comes from?

Deep inside where tiles on Instagram are only a tiny piece of the large and hopefully very meaningful puzzle…

To inspire visually is just one piece of the inspire, empower, entertain and educate square, but if you don’t go heavy specifically on the inspire, empower and educate pieces, it may all fall to pieces (ok, that’s dramatic, of course, but it might feel that way to you). This is how some of my clients felt before they started sharing, expressing, branding and marketing in greater alignment with their values and why behind their business…

If you give yourself permission to channel your inner Creative Heroine who knows that honesty, heart and a Herculean-sized bravery is needed to create a business that feels like a true extension of your life, the rest truly takes care of itself.

If you speak from the heart and keep showing up with all you know and feel, always focusing on them vs. you (what do they need to hear? how do they want to experience their transformation? why is it so important to them?) from a place of both experience AND love, you will be taken care of.

You end up creating a business with soul.
A brand with a true message.
…a movement

Your brand and this movement is created, day in and day out, when you allow yourself to tap into courage to be all of you as you focus on them — in that light, say what it is that you really want to say…tell the stories you want to tell…give generously without worrying about if it’s too much or not…

In a business-turned-movement like this too much doesn’t exist. You’re never too much, your stories are never too much and your multi-passionate or multi-dimensional ways are never too much…you are and IT is all just enough…

In short, generosity and depth beyond the looks of your IG tiles is what looks most gorgeous on you…

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We will be covering authentic branding from the perspective of:

• Purpose — how do you tap into your one main business-turned-movement purpose…

• Moving from Problem to Solution…

• Your Top Stories…how to keep telling more and more of them (stories are your marketing).

• Getting Over the Hump: how to get over the hump of sharing your most vulnerable stories (I can feel you know it’s time to go there).

• The Top Four Brand Elements (even though I was an ad girl prior to starting MGI and connected with what was needed to advertise/market/brand and truly connect, I wish I would have known these when I first started out in 2011)

• What Truly Connects in An Authentic Brand Story

• The Six Keys to a Great, Authentic Brand

• What Blueprints Don’t Tell You About What Works, Sells and Engages in Your Branding & Marketing

• Internal Brand vs. External Brand and How They Are Connected (blurring the lines between business and life)

• And more, such as this ~> one lucky Creative Heroine will WIN the Brand to Success program which will help you, step-by-step, create and launch the most important offline and online elements of your brand…

See you there, Creative Heroine!

Until we connect again, enjoy your business, enjoy your life…


Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

p.s. Spend time with us Wednesday, May 17th from 11am-1pm Pacific and continue on your path of creating a real, honest and purposefully profitable business with a radiant, engaging brand to matchwww.michelleghilotti.com/brandlabtraining. Note: be on the lookout for the workbook we will send you a day or two before the training!

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