What my husband and I did (and your invite — my GIFT to you)

Make no apologies when it comes to love.

If you’ve loved something into existence — take pride in it…in her, in him…

I’m so proud of what my husband Josh and I are creating. And grateful, too, that after 20 years, he still keeps saying yes/ok/sounds great/let’s do it to my ideas, like, “Hey, babe, should we move to Amsterdam?!” when we had just moved to LA months before in 2002.

Two days ago after our early morning workout, we heard from someone else who has been to both Greater Good parties (www.greatergoodparty.com) who said that, although the group is made up of different people each time — >strangers (friends you haven’t met yet), he feels like it (the group) is family ~ and like he’s home.

It reminded me of what a client said this Summer after a retreat here for my CEO Changemaker clients ~ Michelle’s home is our home…

And what another client said in a phone call a couple weeks ago — What keeps me enrolling in your programs is that you make me feel like I matter.

For me, there isn’t a better compliment or life experience, but that which opens your home (heart) in a way that makes everyone that experiences you feel — FEEL. I guess that’s just it.

When you feel good, when you feel, important, supported, when you feel heard and understood, you’re almost automatically given the needed energy to go for it <> to create the results (the purposeful life) you truly want to live.

Live your results!

The loss experienced in my family has really shown us a different way.

I’m not and we are not interested in the same old way of doing life, relationship, business, politics, even spirituality…it feels like they’ve long expired.

We can’t wait to keep exploring how to motivate couples around the world to do more with the love and respect felt between them. There’s so much to work with there, so much. (If you haven’t already heard about the Greater Good Party, do check out what we’re up to at www.greatergoodparty.com). 

We may have had only one child, but I think we’ve found an idea — a purpose — to nurture from infancy (the next GGPs are coming to you in New York and the Bay Area!).

And, ladies, keep your eyes peeled for this…

On January 9th, I’ll be sending out an email with a gift that will carry with it a similar soulful energy as the GGP (folding in some wild and fun, too, which is the other 51% of who I am). You too? (-;

I’m putting together something that will take your creativity, your business, and generosity to a new level. The surprise/gift can be something you experience — FEEL — with a girlfriend, so, you’re free to share this with someone.

I can’t wait to send it to you and…have you with me!!!

Like I said yesterday, you won’t want to miss it. Again, the details will be sent to you on January 9th via the link below.

Josh Mandel, thank you for all your love (and love + kindness) through the last five years filled with both immense joy and loss and for fully being in this conscious partnership with me. Question ~ want to move to Buenos Aires?

I love you madly.

Ladies, may you love and be loved madly. As always, enjoy your business and enjoy your life…





Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

p.s. Though you’re on my newsletter list and will be sent the news about the big gift or surprise I’m sharing with you on January 9th, to make sure you don’t miss it, hop on the “wait list” of sorts here: www.michelleghilotti.com/giftof2018. xo!


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