What I BIRTHED! (hint: High ____)

I can hardly contain my excitement about my latest creation that is going to support you in creating your first (or second — or third) virtual program (!) with a twist ~> a virtual program that brings high touch or, in other words, the human touch back which, as you may have felt, is something so needed in the online industry today.

We launched the High Touch program a couple days ago and, in many ways, the high touch revolution which says that you can grow and you can be successful online by creatively delivering the programs…

Though my “portable” or online business continues to grow, it’s a MUST for me to keep a high-touch feeling inside each one. In other words, where it doesn’t feel like a virtual program. (It doesn’t have to feel like a virtual program).

I know for me, prioritizing this very thing — and not a small thing — as well as coming up with the creative ideas inside every program or service for 16 years (and now the 6.5 online) has absolutely supported my consistent six-figure success each year and, as importantly, has made me the happiest in business and in ONLINE business.

This is the thing I’m most proud of that I’ve created inside the virtual or online arm of MGI…

Being more HIGH TOUCH (along with being HIGH TECH) in my business has created an engagement, multiple repeat clients every single month and a joy inside my business that I would have never felt or had if I had just followed what the online gurus said about how to go about it and still how I see so many people going about “online marketing.”

And in the growing competition, the truth is we all need to learn how to create virtual programs that feel like anything BUT. We need to create highly creative, highly connection-oriented programs.


I won’t be so bold as to say the following program is revolutionary, but it IS going to revolutionize your business. It did mine…

Ok, maybe it is revolutionary…high touch and high tech!

Enter HIGH TOUCH www.michelleghilotti.com/hightouch where you receive the step-by-step to creating your first (or second or third) virtual program AND THEN also receive after that, the strategies and creative ideas exactly what to infuse to that feels like anything but.

This means:

  • Clients raving about their wild results and how much fun they had learning your material
  • You selling out programs faster because you’re known for these extra touches
  • Keeping the human touch in your business as you continue to grow
  • That said, you enjoying delivering the program(s) built in this way WAY more
  • Speaking of enjoying yourself more, it also means creating a space where high tech meets high touch proving to yourself that there WAS a way to do it your own way!!

This is for you if you…

— Want to grow a business that is known for the way it cares for its clients, its creativity inside all her programs and results that are only increased because of the way human touch is prioritized…

— Desire the online arm or portable nature of your business WITHOUT losing being about people and about the human touch you have always loved and know is important (I’m with you!)
— Shy away from creating just another “virtual program”…especially if it feels flat or like you’re not truly expressing yourself, your creativity or your value or passion of connection and relationships…
— Think it a thrill to be part of something like a HIGH TOUGH REVOLUTION – you know that our humanity desperately needs it!

— Squeal at the thought of learning about online business through a HIGH TOUCH lens (16 years of entrepreneurship experience and 6.5 in the online space, all while building a six-figure business that I don’t just love running and growing but feels like a piece of my heart…)

I’d love to pass this and so much more to you
through this HIGH TOUGH program:www.michelleghilotti.com/hightouch

**check out the business retreat party you’re
also invited to at no-cost to you**

And whether this is your first virtual program, second or third (or more!), I will walk with you, take you by the hand if that’s what you need and show you how to create your program and, most importantly, how to add all the HIGH TOUCH back into it…where in the online world it feels that it’s being taken out, we’re going to put IT back in…



*Reserve your spot to be considered one of the first 15 who will receive the business retreat party and two additional classes to 1) get you clear around the marketing for your virtual program and 2) around consistent messaging tips needed to fill your program(s). 

If you only have two minutes, make sure you don’t miss scrolling down to check out the class material. Good stuff. 

And, again, come party with me in LA…well, specifically, this is a business retreat party on November 11th!There is no cost for this event. High touch, baby, high touch.

Investment for HIGH TOUCH: It’s so ridiculous that I want you to go to the page to have your fall-to-the-floor moment. 


You can do much more in your online business or online business arm than you may realize (but that I know you feel).

RSVP by joining HIGH TOUCH soon before the first 15 spots go. I want you to get to come to LA!

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

p.s. Become one of the “inner circle” ladies (first 15) and you’ll reserve your spot in both the program and in the business retreat party here in LA in November:

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