Waking… (what my husband planned)

Time has slowed down recently to the speed of souls.

It feels good, they say.

Though much is still being done, wondered, thought and worried about all around the world, many are now waking up multiple times a day…

They’re waking in the most simple way to what feels right and not right for them in relationship, communication and work.

They’re waking to what’s healthy (maybe by way of what feels unhealthy) and to what’s fun (maybe by way of letting it all relax a bit to be able to laugh more) — both in different ways allowing nervous systems, hormones and guts to re-set.

They’re waking to what forgiving the person they can’t see right now OR the one they’re living with really does and means (be ~> for giving), as well as what thankfulness (and each of these polar opposites) do, too.

They’re waking to music, writing, reading and whatever their art once was, feeling more deeply this time ‘round how helpful it is (any of it and for however long they’re able to revel in it amidst the days, craze or daze) when they don’t know what else to do.

They’re waking up to the health benefits for heart of returning to art.

They’re waking to new forms of romance and to taking time to light the candles to keep each of their own lights on.

They’re waking to simple ~ to drinking more water (what is that beautiful thing I just did? I drank water), to using the ceramic tea cup all day vs. the to-go, in traffic kind, to sitting in a chair at a table to eat lunch, maybe even with family, all the way to waking to the second shower, or to not showering at all and how good that, too, feels for the same soul who said this pace, this pace, I want more of it…

They’re waking to the difference between consumerism and presents to presence and creativity-ism.

They’re waking to this latest form of travel and “oh, what an inner world of my thoughts, feelings and desires there is to explore,” they think or say to themselves…

They’re waking to what freedom means and how much of it they feel they do or don’t have, emotionally or energetically in their current lives, as well as how many people around the world don’t a c t u a l l y have much of it at all, nor have much of the simplest helpful realities they, themselves, have while “stuck” at home…

They’re waking to patterns, habits and beliefs held, that have helped them rise and those, too, that have led to pits and falls.

They’re waking to what can continue to take residence within them and at home when “this is over” and/or to taking the one step to the final stand for it to change.

They’re waking to realize that this here life, in whatever form it takes, is one where they still and always get to create what they most want to be part of.


They’re waking —


Make happiness (or peace or gentleness) your business — especially now during these stay-at-home orders.

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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