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More than it was ever nerve-racking, my nine day vision quest in July [part of a ecopsychology apprenticeship, something I can’t wait to bring into my success coaching practice] was an honor to experience…

Another piece I was grateful for was having a camera to record questions, musings or other shares like this one to Josh and Nolan (I did also record others for public viewing, which I’ll share more of now that I’ve settled into a new normal with this work, both in my everyday personal life and ramping up into it professionally, too). 

I may not have had shelter, food or social interaction, but being able to record ideas and thoughts on camera as well as on paper (never written so fast in my life) felt necessary.

At sunset each night — at 8:19pm — Josh said, we’ll be praying for you.🧡️ That’s what he shared seconds before he and Nolan drove away after dropping me off with my guides 4.5 hours away. 

I felt intense emotion in that moment hearing those words, knowing what I was about to go do…I felt deep love, immense gratitude, more nerves and an intense missing energy I’ve never felt before (and that’s with having traveled far away by myself and for long periods at least once or twice a year). 

As close to that time as I could every night, I would look out at the same sky they were looking at and thank them.

We are strong beings…stronger than we think (cue video) and, yes, we can definitely survive on our own, coach ourselves to safety and/or to a calm nervous system. 

We can survive a vision quest or make it through grief or through a divorce or other challenge, whatever it is, *and* the bottom line is that we also need others. 

For a better everythingggg we need others ~ for better mental and physical health, for safety, for better ideas, for greater growth etc.

It was amazing how bolstered or supported I felt knowing Josh and Nolan were thinking about me at that time everyday and that I could connect with them ~ look at the sky and “there” they are.

I felt as powered up when I walked up the mountain each morning to a middle point to an agreed-upon stone pile. 

Once there, I was to create a small rock formation to let my stone pile buddy know I was well/#alive (many traditions and peoples have done this in their own versions of a vision quest and it was beautiful and such moving to experience it each morning). 

I was simultaneously tired (because ~> no food) making the mini trek and I was also so moved…so charged at the same time.

Connection. We genuinely feed or receive more from that than we do actual food.

I learned or re-learned many things (like the above) while on the vision quest, but for today, I’ll share this one — as moms, we act as a big and glorious fireplace in our homes and the more we go and bring new things back for all to use as kindling, the the brighter and bigger the connected family fire burns…  💫🔥 

[video, 4 min]




Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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