Video Of My Living Room Now…

Living rooms all around the world are finally being lived in. ⁣

The furniture has been moved, the music on most often, bikes being fixed right there where they may not have been allowed before, each corner of it respectfully loved up, with more candles on and chocolate chip crumbs falling on the floor while dear mister mechanic fixes said bikes, but that part doesn’t matter, did you enjoyyy the cookie? ⁣


And the light — it’s there, it’s *still* there, you needn’t even invite it in. It simply shows up on cue every day to remind you it lives. That there’s life to be lived…⁣

In these living rooms turned loving rooms (with a little or a lot of “how are we going to do this with the kid(s) home through Summer?” and hey, let me take care of myself when I have to go to the market (because: your bad asthma) and feeling all sorts of ways for so many people, those we know and those we don’t know #tenderheart), we’re getting stronger through it all…we want to be better inside it, through it and on the other side.⁣

May we continue to feel and see the truth of our lives, where we maybe had it wrong, where we can give more, where we can be gentler with ourselves, where we were getting it right (!) — and what and who are most importantly. ⁣

Let us not forget.⁣

⁣🛋 ⁣

You can find the recordings of the last call (#3) by clicking here and here, (the first link is the video live stream and the second is the call recording that we did at the same time).


Make happiness (or peace or gentleness) your business — even now, during quarantine.

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur


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