Truths I Hold Self-Evident (hi from Guatemala!)

I’m leaving Guate, once again, filled with the good stuff ~ with a depth of connection…

And it’s exactly that — connection  — anywhere and anytime that keeps my creativity, joy and self expression at the forefront (connection with others when it’s real — deepest — is very much also a connection with self).

I have written about a lot this week because I have held a lot this week.

I hold these truths to be self evident (today and all the days ~ ¡salud!):

~ Guatemala as a country, people and culture [mi familia 🇬🇹 💙] are GORG. 

~ Your consistency in showing up for someone and showing up as exactly who you *are* is a gift to the next person you show up for (or the same person you keep showing up for) who needs to see it in action to be another genuine domino expression of care and individuality.

~ As parents, hold onto your seats, we are not the end all, be all. We get to evolve as people and individuals outside of being parents to have a true and long-lasting fruitful relationship with who “our” kids are as their own people (with their own opinions and desires). 

~ Accepting someone, anyone, a parent, a sibling, a friend etc. for who they are need not mean allowing yourself to not speak your truth in love. 

~ It also need not mean stopping yourself (eyes, ears) from being able to see or hear the love you may not feel you’re receiving at practice in the world (it’s literally everywhere, talk to someone, anyone, for a minute longer than the typical “Can I get a regular coffee please, thank you.”). A beautiful expression of love and appreciation that an older gentleman named John shared with me during my stop in Dallas you may have read about last week: ”If you have a daughter, you have everything.” Oy my heart,💕]

~ When you look to finally and consistently give yourself the love you normally look for on the outside (more time given to yourself or your projects vs. the rush rush rushing, forgiveness, focusing on getting well or in the more full healing of hurts etc.), you feel peace, an almost neutral, yet joyful state of being — a being who needs no one to do, say or change to be content. Self love is the only love with some ONE that lasts.

~ You have a blessed choice to *not* taint or break down your most optimistic and loving relationships because of the pain felt inside or as a result of another relationship, namely the one inside of or with yourself. See earlier point. 

~ Two good people don’t necessarily make a great marriage. When we get comfortable and call being in a marriage enough, we stay in a marriage, not in love. 

~ When you ask someone how they *really* are and wait to genuinely hear the real answer, you give them permission to feel it all. Life IS joy and isn’t only filled with joy, uplifting Facebook posts or “how are you? I’m good!”, it’s a mixture of all colors of the rainbow. People need us to hear them, to give them time, without distraction. It’s this time and “permission“ that breeds the type of connection that helps them/us not feel alone in any experience. It’s also the first way for us to be of deep service to humanity (akin to Mother Theresa’s, ‘if you want to help increase the peace felt in the world, go home and love your family.’). Your purpose is literally all around you.

~ Being real, the full you, the you you know you keep on the lowest volume most or all days, vs. the cool, “perfect”, professional or 2020 influencer-type you think you need to be to be liked, keeps you most loved by…….you. She’s/he’s the most important to receive your full care and connected to what’s real and deep and true.

~ When you feel you can’t hold something, a thought, an energy, a relationship, a feeling, anything, hand it over. Give it to nature or to what’s most natural which is all around us. Give it to source. 

~ Doing what you say you’re going to do doesn’t only create great relationships, businesses or help us to reach goals, it produces a feeling of peace that helps us sleep at night. Our word is our well-being.

~ Helping others heals you. Finding one way or all the ways this can be done creates a place to park pain (because, again, ~> connection…it’s a salve). When you give love away, it finds its way right back to you inside that same experience in the very same moment. Poof, magic!

~ Family. It’s not just a noun, she’s a verb. My Guatemalan family shows me this in subtle and big ways always. Verb: “I’m going to family it today…I’ll speak and act like we are all connected and that IT is all connected because it is.”

~ It’s all happening so fast. I know, I feel it, too, and with what’s baked above, it’ll slow…down. Let’s slow it dowwwn.

           ❤     ❤     ❤     ❤     ❤ 

Thank you, mil gracias y besototes, to my family of origin for the greatest expression of connection I’ve ever known, for deep relating and for always welcoming the fullness of me each and every time with open arms. 50+ to be exact.

¡¡A todos ustedes, mi familia, y a esta vida, los amo!! 

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur

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