This Woman is Transforming GRIEF

The gifts from the Creative Heroine Experience keep on giving. And giving (it feels so good to give :-)).

Today, I remember my friend Christina Rasmussen on stage sharing her path of being a creator ~> of victor, not victim ~ and it moving everyone to both laugh and cry. Boy is she FUNNY (wisdom and light does that).

Her story of losing her husband and raising her two daughters is moving. And what she’s done since the loss in raising these beautiful souls, as well as how she is revolutionizing the grief industry is cause for celebration. She’s the epitome of living boldly after loss.

Her Life Reentry Model, a regally radical model of grieving based in neuroscience and her thoughts around the “waiting room” that many experiencing grief find themselves in supports many, many people these days in stepping into their most fruitful beginnings after loss.

Her book Second Firsts is remarkable at assisting you to forge a new life (check it out for yourself or a friend).

I invited this gorgeous woman to speak at my event for a few reasons — one because, as mentioned, her wisdom, creativity, and work changing the grief industry is top notch AND because she was one of the last people to speak to my Mom before she passed.

You wouldn’t think the latter would qualify as an important prerequisite for a presenter, but for me, the reasons you do something in business or at an event that represents what you stand for are not one-sided (lopsided). Bring all of you to EVERYthing you do, say and show (Christina feels this way, too, so we’re a good match, xo).

It felt important to me to showcase her work as it aligns with who the Creative Heroine is (the woman who moves from problem to solution to express who she really is), as well as to honor the love she showed to my Mom in her last months of life.

After two years of the intense grief felt of losing my brother in a car accident, my Mom was searching (as many feeling deep pain are) and after sharing Christina’s work, she was even more motivated to keep going and reached out to Christina to start working with her. She never got there but I don’t doubt the connection made with Christina filled her up in a new way. It’s tough not to feel that way after meeting Christina.

In short, I can’t help but see this as one of many gifts given at CHE in March: the reminder that there can be a big, bold life waiting for you after loss and…to bring all of you to everything you do.

Thank you again, dear Christina ~ for loving my Mama and loving us ALL at the Creative Heroine Experience.

And to all Creative Heroines, enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

p.s. HERE is our Run of Show for all the presenters and a little about their work in the world. Follow them now! 🙂 

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