This Isn’t Mainstream!

One thing I don’t talk about much is the #friendshipexperiment I have going on with these two…one of the best yet.

It’s not mainstream, but it is real.

I’ve shared that over the last year and a half or so, I’ve recommitted to getting on planes, trains and automobiles or to writing the letters or having the conversations that need to happen to go to the places, physical and emotional, where my loved ones, family and friends, live and where we both feel most ALIVE ~ inside new memories.

Goodbye, text messages.

See you, email.

Hello to seeing those we love (*going* to see those we love) in new ways and with newfound energy (this was one of the reasons we started the Greater Good Party — to get people out from behind technology, true connection ~> better life).

The Friendship Experiment has been an incredible journey ~ one that’s had powerful effects on all parts of my life, in LA and beyond…brand new and ridiculously meaningful friendships seemingly came out of nowhere, powerful ideas for continued community building that have had far-reaching consequences and direction for how to infuse everythinggggg, personally or professionally, with more meaning.

As I wrote this I was on a plane right now headed for new memories with another special someone on the original post-it note I told you about a while ago.

I’ve also shared before that one of my greatest friendship experiments to date has been with my son (my sun), as well as with my first friend and brother Willie ~ both of these “experiments” or deepening of relationship have been smoothing out my crinkles and wrinkles. 😉

Ever since our two beloveds passed, my brother and I have genuinely found each other in a new way. The whole truth and nothing but the truth about the friendship experiment?

Recommitment to people, our people, and all people/humanity is one’s joy (and more fulfillment, success, and effortlessness in all areas of life).

Where we can genuinely recommit and stay committed, we find life, purpose and the creative energy to make our words, plans and actions match up to who we actually are and are capable of.

A more full potential.
A more full life.

Another relationship or experiment that’s going strong is the connection, as alive as the two mentioned above, that I have going with my Mom and youngest baby bird, Dino.

I speak to them (all the time), I close my eyes in yoga and say hi, I thank them after yoga, they meet me in my meditations and in short dreams that tell the long and true story of never having lost or been disconnected from them, as well as come to share in strong and obvious messages from others.

We’re always plugged in. All of us — to whomever and whatever is important.

We simply need to acknowledge it (them) by creating new paths or avenues, you know, opening *space* for it or them to land…

And the mantra that’s helped keep and grow the new friendships with my beloved Mom and baby bird?

Day or month after month, “I’m listening, no matter how subtle, I’m listening, tell me, show me….”

Over and over again.

That’s what recommitment is. Doing the thing over and over again knowing that when you show up so do they…so do they!


Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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