THIS at My Spiritual Retreat Last Week

I call this share ~ Lush Life Soup.

After getting my melt on, I’ll soon land at home (home home, as in SF/Marin).

The one thing I’m keen to share and that I’m more certain of after a week of solitude and some of the longest meditations I’ve been a part of (meditations that ushered me into rich 13 hour sleeps I haven’t had since I was 13 or 23), is this:

We’re not searching for balance, not between the personal and professional, the physical and spiritual, the kids and spouse, work and family, nor work and travel…

More specifically, we crave a feeling similar in weight to having all the time in the world (you do, you have all the time in the world –siiiiiiiit, give yourself time), coupled with the drive, commitment and wisdom to act as if it could all end tomorrow (it could all end tomorrow — siiiiiiiiit, give yourself time).

Sometimes the mix will be a soup of 60/40, 40/60, 35/65 or 65/35, who knows, we’re not counting, it’s lush either way, the idea is to more consistently feel like you are creating the most memorable stolen moments of your life vs. being (the victim, the exhausted, the getting further away from what you want, the no time for me), where it feels like (may or may not be true) others are stealing them from you.

I talk to many women in my line of work where versions of this come up…we may be spending so much, too much (?) time attempting to create balance when maybe it’s simply a good fucking life because we let go, while every day tapping into a couple solid truths of this LIFE and TIME: you got a lot of it AND you don’t have that much left at all.

Siiiiiiiiit and be [stead]faaaast in the getting after it.

Life is good,





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