They Broke You UP ⬆️

The hard moments didn’t break you down, they broke you UP. ⬆️

The Creative Heroine Experience is almost here and if you’re not joining us Saturday, please know that I will be doing a share around it and the highlights soon! Look out for it…

The Creative Heroine = the woman who moves from problem to solution to express to the world who they really are…this is who we will speak to and *about* come March 3rd and, to me, this is who YOU, the creative woman, IS.

I’ve been keeping most of my guest’s names under wraps but ran across their photos in my CHE folder the other morning and couldn’t help but share their beautiful faces n this collage…

This idea I had to create a complimentary immersion event that moves and speaks like a paid event as a gift to my community (which quickly grew to a gift to the creative/entrepreneurial/ socially-active community in LA and beyond) has come to life and it feels like (IS) the start of something completely new and fresh — for us ALL.

We can, without a doubt, change industry/society, but we can’t do it keeping the ideas (or gifts) meant to be shared, to ourselves…and we also can’t do it without sleep. 🙂

One of my biggest tips besides get adequate sleep in your create-ive life is this: if you have a “crazy” idea (that we title crazy only because it will *drive* you crazy sitting on it any longer!), choose any one micro or macro movement and get on it within 24 hours.

The moments just after the urge or spark strikes are the most important. You won’t do it later, so, don’t write it down on a list, don’t google calendar it, don’t even vision board it (!), create the first real movement towards it now… start the creation in motion (that’s how creation earns its “tion”) — so you can’t back down from the life you’re meant to live…

Because it’s that very life — in other words, that energy, infectious or otherwise — that you’ll be gifting to others.

Want more engagement? Get more engaged in your life by following your best ideas (ahem, use that creativity for great good) vs. simply having the best ideas.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

p.s. Keep your eyes peeled for what more is new and fresh at MGI!

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