The Question To Ask Your Kids

Though his talk was not about parenthood or our children, Thom Singer, one of our fine speakers at the Greater Good Party in Austin shared this question (as shared with him by Dr. Deborah Gilboa) to ask our college-aged kids about the profession they may want to pursue after school:

***What do you want to do first?***

Josh and I appreciated it SO much, it felt right on.

I’m on my third profession or industry as is Josh (and neither of us studied in college what we are doing right now, he even went to law school!) — and all is well. We’re content, taken care of and excited by where we’ve found ourselves.

Each step, profession or industry (and moves overseas where our definition of success and “work” was instructed and transformed some more) landed us deeper into what we feel we were meant to be doing all along.

And it’s definitely not over yet (the changes) — many haven’t known what they wanted to do out of school and others always knew they didn’t want the same profession or representation of how their genuine talents are or would be of use or service in the world (how THEY are of use in the world).

Because, as we each grow as evolutionary beings, curious cats, passionate people, professionals, feelers, students or teachers (each of us are forevermore both student and teacher), so, too, hopefully, does our work (it grows, expands, it jigs and jags), even if we decide to stay in the same industry.

There’s a pervasive belief that we have to know what we want to do right out of school and that if we don’t, somehow we won’t be happy or have what we need, but it’s not true.

I wish more kids at all ages could feel a sense of peace knowing their path will be carved uniquely and beautifully by *each* step they take, regardless of what that step is or is deemed or titled by family or society.

We cannot get it wrong.

Our kids cannot get it wrong.

It’s all part of THE point of a creative life where we actually c r e a t e:

trying things out (trying ourselves out) getting to know ourselves SO well in the process, that when we finally land inside of what maybe, possibly, perhaps feels like our “thing”, we’ll know!

Making grand use of this life: knowing ourselves better every day, so we’ll know!

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 


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