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This is where I lived for the last week. Under the stars and at a monastery that is one of the oldest and most historically important in India and Monastic/ Tibetan/Buddhist world.

The camp to the side of the monastery accommodations was created especially for us with much love by Harmonica Co. and by the monks at Gaden Shartse Monastery.

Here and walking all around Mundgod, the sweet Tibetan (refugee) settlement where the monastery lives, I made new friends, new connections between old ideas or previous beliefs and realized new understandings (I wasn’t new to these spiritual teachings, to chanting, meditation, prolonged breathwork or talks/studies around using the mind for good, but this experience brought it all home for me in unique ways that I’ll still be downloading or processing for a long time to come).

At the center or heart of it all, through His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings, via the scholars’ talks from around the world, as well as through private time a couple days with Jinpa, scholar and HHDL’s translator for over 30 years (such rich Q&As), was, we could say, simple:

Compassion is the method through which you feel peace and create it in the world…

Compassion is the method through which you feel peace and create it in the world.

More complex, maybe (or in other words, more worth it) the more you sit with all that it means to devote yourself to doing this on repeat (akin to a mantra, a chant) when life isn’t all monastic camping, slow-moving, thoughtful teachings and no traffic.

Just like my vision quest in July, what you (I) quickly realize is that the actual quest isn’t or wasn’t at all up on the mountain, it was returning home to ‘regular’ life ~ would you (I) work to actively engage with all gained and felt? Bringing the proverbial light from the mountain (or in this case ~ the monastery) with you/me and consistently so?

Speaking of light, I’m reuniting with Josh and Nolan soon! Much love from a plane over Southeast Asia!

[You can see what life feels and looks like inside a Tibetan settlement (especially when His Holiness visits) in one video, the sway I was talking about in The Buddhist Sway post from yesterday ( in another and kids simply being kids in the last video (watch to the end). And with that last one as the perfect juxtaposition, happy holy days!].

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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