The Fire I’m NOT Putting Out (Watch For This In Your Movement!!)

[The above screenshot was from an email from one of the organizers of the TM group; it sold out in a couple hours Tuesday morning]

Since we started the Greater Good Party (our next in Austin in a week and our first with an outside organization, the Transcendental Meditation org days after!), I have received more emails, texts, social media DMs and phone calls (to give insight, recos or support on various topics or projects) than ever before.

~> It’s sparked something that I thought useful to share for those looking to be of deeper service, grow/skyrocket or evolve a current business or step into what you might feel is a higher calling.

It’s a practical and fairly simple something, but in the last decade or so, I have seen fewer and fewer people stay on top of this. There are simply too/so many ways to connect that many of us are in overwhelm.

But when we decide to follow an idea, especially when we’ve been persistent and surrendered or said yes to each detail that feels like it wants to “go”, there comes a time when the kindling known as the days we kept showing up and up and up helps to grow a fire…

Fire is good (we have to remember that), but in order to keep our energy high (aka take care of ourselves), as well as be/stay on top of the excitement we’ve generated in others, we must be able to keep up with the demand, or in other words, have a system or people in place to help us respond to the community that we are growing.

Simply put, this means exercising leadership and come up with solutions to keep it all going/glowing/growing.

We all need a process or the right people to help us keep the quality communication going. Success or growth of any kind (physical, emotional or spiritual) is so much about this ~ communication or completing the conversation started.

In other words, once we start the conversation, we are responsible/ accountable for it…

Saying yes, thanks, saying no, thanks, saying thank you but maybe someone else is better suited, basically continuing to create community + relationships. 

Sure, maybe you can’t respond to every social media comment or direct message and maybe some emails received aren’t relevant and there’s just too many of them, but the idea is to make the meaningful machine you’re building include a plan/process for more refined communication to those who have essentially helped you build what you prayed for / desired [and who now ultimately deserve, if not a response from, a response from someone or some part of your team!].

For many years now, I’ve been chatting with Josh about this phenomenon — organizations, personal brands, and businesses not able to keep up with the demand on the communication side of things (which I see as the gratitude side of things). 

In other words, when we complete the circle of connection, we are giving gratitude for the fire found in the belly finally catching up outside of that belly, out in the world.

We get to be grateful for it!

It’s honestly taken up so much of our conversation time — just how many emails aren’t returned by people whom I know want to be or are big players in some way or another. (In short, if you can’t do it, shift the model, check in again to see if this is truly the dream you wanted to build or not and/or hire someone to do the community building for you). 

On a similar note, I also see/hear people growing or evolving businesses or starting new side projects who are not enjoying how full their lives are ~ > ok, fair ~ (check out the difference between the busy life and the full life in my last post), but, the question for us tonight is, isn’t this what we longed for? 

Wasn’t the dream you were going for, one filled to the brim with this growing group of tremendous people, experiences and conversations?

Isn’t this the impact you most wanted to make in your part of the world?

We want what we want, but then when we get it, we hum that we have it. It’s part human nature, but the other part is forgetting that we asked for a beautiful full life — just like the one we’re living RIGHT NOW.

It’s good to check ourselves often so that more goodness can continue to roll in! Because that’s exactly what it wants to do…roll…in. 

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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