The Creative Heroine, You ~ An idea to help get you over to help refugees.

These leggings will be coming with me to clothe some of the ladies at the Fillipiada refugee camp.

Will you come with me, too?

Send me an email and I’ll bring your sweet face and love with me for all who need it. I don’t doubt it will also help me do the work I need to do over the next week.

I realize not all of us can take the time, have the desire, or that we’re busy GOTL (getting out the love) locally or within family in other ways, but I have this dream of small groups of friends raising money for one representative from their circle to go on their behalf. A heartfelt, fun solution to the common “I wish I could do something like that” scenario — the truth is, there’s always a way, and if it’s not you, why not send your love, supplies and your hope with a friend. Just because you can’t go right now doesn’t mean you can’t pool that love and interest to send someone over on your behalf. She’d wear a t-shirt with all the names and faces of those who made it possible. And this would go on and on, all around the world. Same goes for local support for your chosen causes. Get your people together.

That’s my dream. And it woke me up all over again.

As the Creative Heroine in us all knows, there’s always a creative path or opportunity to help us move from problem to solution, in hopes of expressing who we really are.

This is who you really are — a creative heroine.

Life is good,





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