The Best Personal Development Seminar!

While growing them up, they grow us up. 

I found this photo last week of our time living in Guadalajara and remember the birthday party like it was yesterday.

We jumped in a couple of different jumpy houses, we played chase, we ate yummy Mexican cake…and I jumped into the pool with sunglasses, jean shorts, tank top, and flip flops when I saw that Nolan and his floaties were face down in the water.

It was one of those ‘I had turned around for a split second’ moments, plus ‘but he had his floaties on’.

And that’s just it ~ each moment, but especially the more challenging ones with our kids, really grow us up…

In particular, I think of him being tested and re-tested for 10 years for what doctors could only define as a “rare neurological (sleep) disorder” that began to show itself in crying and screaming episodes approximately three times a day when he was just three months old. To this day, we still don’t know what it was (he continued to experience symptoms through adolescence and then poof, one day, gone…).

As parents, we do so much more than take care of our kids. We learn from them (morning, teacher!), taking care of much of our emotional stamina & growth and resilience training, too. 

Kids…ours: they’re one of the best personal development seminars around (lifelong). No fee, no travel, but always there attempting to help us not.stay.the.same, showing us what we’re truly made of.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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