The Art of DOING MORE (Branding Retreat photo in Beverly Hills)

[Photo by Ashlee Wilson Dephillippo]

Let's make a living and have a life.

That's what this fun, let loose on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills photo after The Branding Retreat brand tour reminds me of.

I couldn't wait to share it and the following thoughts after hearing my business answering machine yesterday afternoon, as I was on the other side of the house, sing: "…in the meantime, enjoy your business and enjoy your LIFE."

Why don't we!

Let's enjoy this life.

Most of us got into entrepreneurship for time and creative freedom and to blow the doors off the cap on our income…we can make as much or as little as we want. Terrifying for some, which I understand and invigorating for others, which I also relate to.

And, during all the GO of making things and making shift and growth happen, there must be moments of ah, REST. Collaboration, teamwork, boundaries, scheduling and honoring the harvest invites this rest and stillness and keeps them around for as long as you need to.

It's exactly what the entrepreneurial, creative spirit inspires…the choosing of our own mountains, of bigger projects and of staying outside our comfort zone.

And, what many of us don't do nearly as often is nurture that spirit…

Nurture your spirit.

Just as growth, strength and the right 'move that next mountain' muscles come during rest after tough workouts, so, too, do they come in business.

As the world outside of us experiences seasons (ok, minus LA), you need that season of harvest and these magical me moments to assist the support soil (soul) to grow even richer nutrients (what great success begs for ~ richer nutrient-rich soil/soul).

Celebrate the harvest you've worked for, honor the fruits of your labor and sit for a while admiring the growth and goals met.

You want sustainable business, income and happiness?

Honor what you've done or accomplished longer than a few minutes, and celebrate.

Simmer in the thank yous.

Swim in the ecstatic echo that your creativity, planning, focus, and support helped create with or within your product or service.

Give yourself true and ample time away from it all to enjoy and be in joy. Again, not just for a morning, but in ways and for days that bring you back to self.

This is how you fill up and create not just a company or a business, but a movement and a legacy: consistently build in as much time for you as you do for your clients.

A legacy is only created when you keep it going. You can't keep it going when you're bone tired.

As much as Zsuzsa and I created and planned for The Branding Retreat to be a time of getting sh*t done (at TBR you don't leave needing to do the work, you leave with it d-o-n-e), we also wove in ritual and time for rest daily and multiple times per day (hello, yoga mornings and time by the pool to integrate or allow new ideas or clarity truly stick).

We planned it for our clients, as well as for ourselves.

We had massages the second night while at the estate and the Monday immediately after our 3.5 days of support, we spent five hours together at the spa. The last week has been an allowance of team support, of quiet, and of nurturing self.

Here are some ways to make sure you're not moving onto the next mountain, passion project, business collaboration or venture too quickly:

  • Prep and coach your team to tell you you can't work immediately following a big push (I love telling Susan this, it's one of my most favorite exchanges, though she does it so well already: "You're not supposed to be working."). In other words, allow team to support you and to do the work you've trained and/or hired them to do for you.
  • The week after a big and beautiful birthing have your supporters clear your schedule so you have larger pockets of time to hear the space between the words and feel the wind, sun or child's kiss across your face.
  • Eat well, drink lots of h2o, get great sleep and make body bliss and nurturing as important as celebration or travel time with friends or family.
  • Reflect on what you've accomplished. Write it down, share it with a friend or friends at dinner. Extra credit if you throw yourself a dinner party. When you're back home from that celebrating, smile as you connect the dots to the ultimate vision you have for your life.
  • Decide, commit and be ALL about this season of harvest. In short, decide that you're currently **in** a season of harvest (this should have been added above as #1). It's a season. You're not pausing forever, and you're also not only worthy or successful if you're being productive.

Taking this time to enjoy is, in fact, producing a power pause for self that will only pour back into your creativity, connection with others and prosperity in a way that will be felt and understood if you make it a must…something you are always doing as you do all the other things that need to be done in the business.

All of this care contributes to the alignment, clarity and personality of your brand of woman (beyond business) in a way that is uniquely power-packed and palpable.

It doesn't matter if this soul season lasts a day, a few days or a week, as long as it starts, as long as it's part of your business plan and model, and you promise to be the best enjoyer of your life there ever was, as you also enjoy your business.

In the end, your business receives five-star treatment and experiences five-star growth if, and only if, you give yourself the same five-star treatment:

Enjoy your business, enjoy your LIFE.

Life is good,





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