The #1 Thing to Do In Your Online Biz

Really, I should have addressed you like this –> “dear online entrepreneur that
wants to create an online arm of her business that is way more HIGH TOUCH
yet that brings in as much prosperity and revenue into the business without you
really having to do much extra work.” <–

This is (was) my dream and I’ve built it…and, I continue building it —

A high-touch boutique business that IS also a portable and online/virtual
business yet continues to grow and profit BECAUSE I prioritize human
touch NOT because I lead without it:

The #1 thing your online business needs is your HIGH TOUCH…this is how you stand out, not to mention give your clients great results and enjoy the delivery of your virtual programs that much more.

If you’ve felt yourself shy away from moving more quickly to online business’ing
and creating ongoing virtual LIVE programs or digital products because the lack
of warmth in the industry isn’t making you sing, I hear you and I got you!

I want what you want: HIGH TOUCH. In other words, we don’t want to lose the
human touch (and I can tell you  –  no we don’t —> HIGH TOUCH will grow your
business, I promise). And, if we’re connected and if you’ve resonated with any of
my free content, blogs and sharing’s, I can bet that we both want to be part of the
“online industry” that does things a little differently.

That said, I’m ECSTATIC (the only word I am finding that best fits my feelings at
the moment) to share a program that is unique from anything you’ll find in the
online space:


I’d love to coach you through this course where I:

  • Not only walk you, step by the step, through how to create your first, second or third program BUT…
  • Also, give you a big behind-the- scenes peek into the high touch principles/method and EXACT creative ideas to infuse into your virtual program to make it feel like anything but!I will show you what a high-touch strategy is and the specific things to do week in and week out inside your virtual program so you get KNOWN for human touch (don’t lose the human touch) so your clients get the WILD results they need so you feel WILD about delivering it…
  • Class after class, I will also be giving you the coaching and high-touch service I’m known for (and frankly that’s expected of each of my “virtual” programs) so that you get all your specific questions answered so by the time we are complete, you have your next four to six-week program 100% completed!
  • And lastly, (insert giddy chuckle) at the end of HIGH TOUCH, you will also receive a retreat at my home here in Los Angeles (if you can’t make it, we will livestream it)…four hours in November to dive into a business retreat party that will have you more in LOVE with your business than ever.

Join me in this one-of- a-kind two-part experience!

And as if that wasn’t cool enough. The first 15 women to register known as the “inner circle” will receive two additional classes where I will be teaching the top marketing tips to easily advertising your HIGH TOUCH program and how consistent messaging grow my business and also helps fills my programs (I will also be giving additional semi-private support around each of your new programs!). Register now to claim your cozy seat:

We will tell you even more once you’re in…

I can’t wait to greet you here in LA in November! And tell you everything I know about growing the online arm of your business by infusing HIGH TOUCH ideas into everything, you do inside your programs…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

p.s. To review the course curriculum, head to and scroll down a bit until you hit
“CLASSES”. I’m ecstatic to be taking you behind the scenes of how I’ve been
able to both feel amazing about my online business AND, as a result, of being
known for your high-touch style (people will be your walking billboards), make the
revenue goals each month and steadily grow year after year. People will be that
attracted to your high-touch programs too.

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