The #1 Thing That Grew my Biz (16 years with 6.5 in the online world…)

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Thanks to Linked In congrats messages from peers, I was reminded that last week that I was celebrating 16 years with Michelle Ghilotti Int’l, Branding, Coaching & Empowerment Agency this month (6.5 years in the online world)!

Below, I’d love to share my top six realizations of the last 16 years! I trust it will serve you where you’re at and where you want to be…

• • •

After eight years in the ad world, all while sitting on a couch in San Francisco, without internet or Facebook or any idea what internet marketing was, I opened the doors to my greatest creativity, consciousness and cause (I knew I was opening the doors to the first C and found out later about the other two) through something I confusingly called a business, but that became SO much more.

Through moves from SF to LA then Amsterdam, Portland, Guadalajara and back to LA, I’ve worked side-by-side or Skype-to-Skype with amazing women to create brands/expressions and businesses that reflect the true personality, multi-passionate ways, values and verve they bring to their everyday lives.

Spirituality, or in other words, a sense of self (and their sense of self) as it relates to something larger than us, has had one of the biggest roles on my team. 🙂

(drum roll…)

My Top Six from the Last Top 16:

6. Fear is excitement waiting to express itself through action.

5. Starting a business is one the greatest personal development courses you’ll ever take (that and parenthood). A mentor said something similar to me about entrepreneurship years ago and it’s the truest of true.

4. If you only ever treat business like a business you’ll get just that ~ a business and busy work. But we know that the professional is personal and the personal is professional, so if somewhere, somehow you don’t connect to the greater purpose behind it and why it’s so personal for you, it will feel like something separate and separateness shows. Recently, a longtime client, just after a mastermind retreat at my house said, “Michelle’s home is our home” and it reminded me of the honor it is to create what’s real and honest for yourself and others.

3. Everything inside every business (and life) is about problem solving. If you can get yourself, emotionally and spiritually, to a place where you automatically stand for solution (vs. drama) in life and inside personal relationships, you’ll be the salve or that solution inside your business-turned-movement. It is this that grows what you, too, might confusingly call a business.

2. Don’t take yourself too seriously (play) — and do all things, simple and big, with great love and commitment and you’ll connect to the soul engine or life force of your brand of woman, everyday.

1. Looking left and right only gives you one thing: a headache. ***Certify yourself certifiably outside the box.*** You are your only guru.

extra credit #1: Family is everything. (I learn that every day) 🙂

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

p.s. SUCCESS IN THE ONLINE WORLD: #1 above is #1 for a reason. I’ve done things my way and especially so in the online space. Have you been wanting to create your first (or 2nd or 3rd) virtual program but haven’t yet for whatever reason (fear, being disillusioned with the online world, time)? Keep your eyes peeled as I soon share a new program with you that will help you do just that but in a way that is uniquely different than the way it’s taught in the online marketing world. It will only be for a certain size group so don’t miss it… Here’s to your success in the offline and online space, Creative Heroine!

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