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Check Your Mood At The Door

Check Your Mood At The Door

Check Your Mood At The Door

I’m thankful Monday through Sunday for this lived truth: grief turns into gratitude (it IS gratitude).

The journey of grief is, in fact, feeling an over abundance, the kind that spills out through your eyes, of gratitude for having had them in the first place.

Thank you Mom and Dino and my new connection to you, for teaching me so much over the last eight years, all of which has brought me even more fulfillment, wild joy, creation, silence, play and connection to what’s most important ~ healing, people and self agency.

Everything the dance…my work, family life, reflection time, adventure and travel time is all about.

Though no one would ever wish for the path of sadness (like Nolan told me at eight or nine years old, “I would rather have many smaller moments of sadness in life than many big ones”), it is a path we all walk at some point, so to all currently setting out or continuing on this path, I say, remember that sadness only exists because of love; of having had or felt great love.

Remember, too, that the sun, whether you see it or not, will be there to greet you each day (get out into it that day more) and the moon will be there to help ease you into the night (close those eyes).

When you feel no one else has got you, nature has got you.

Grief turns into gratitude.

It is gratitude.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.