Start with Why, in life and in business.

A coach that is helping me create my story/my talk had me watch the following video before our first session together. And you know what the big aha was for me (AGAIN)?

That it’s all connected.

Whether it’s in speaking, business, non-profit, with family or friends…it’s really all about the WHY.

My speaking coach had me watch this TED Talk video to inspire digging deep; to get me clear on the WHY of my talk. WHY I felt passionate about it and WHY people listening would really care. As in, enough to become evangelists and part of the longevity of the story long after I’m done speaking.

I’m hoping this video will help you gain clarity as well…whether it’s on a story or book you’re writing, the way to express a complicated subject to your child or the why behind a new program or product in your business ~ start with why. You’ll find people leaning in…

As entrepreneurs, business-owners and, generally, as human beings we really are so much more powerful and able to truly connect when we not only know the WHY but are able to express it. When we do this over and over again successfully (clearly), this is when people trust us enough to do business with us.

What is your why and WHY should clients, potential clients care?

What is the why behind your vision?

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

What do you really care about, what do you value?

(psst this is all “branding”;-)

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