Skinny Dipping 💦

Josh landed an hour ago and I’m taking off in an hour (drove to the airport, pulled up to Alaska departures level with four minutes to kiss and say hi)…⁣

I love this time of prep to leave for another ecopsychology apprenticeship weekend because I get to completely take off the make up, the “working“ clothes, the cell phone, computer etc, stripping down both physically and emotionally.⁣

This is one of the things I love most about being in nature, in general, and that I’ve loved of the trek trips I’ve done with Josh over the last 20 years. I take the make up off and most times don’t change clothes, yet feel completely beautified. ⁣

Like I said weeks ago, don’t be fooled ~ just because some of us (many of us) wear the heels or the make up, doesn’t mean that’s all we are or that it best expresses who we are — or that we‘d prefer it…⁣

In fact, what we would prefer, is that exact stripping down of exactly what we look like when we wake UP, because it exposes or matches/aligns with more of our who we are reallllly emotionally or spiritually. So many of us, woman or man, are hungry for that exposure, that honesty or realness.⁣

It’s this real self, the one who comparison, social media, smoothing or thinning filters, magazines or weight scales try to say isn’t good enough (or that we take that way).⁣

So many of us are more comfortable without the pretty powder (unless it’s the dusty kind that gets hands appropriately dirty). ⁣

I, for one, love my natural manicures, those that include dirt inside the nails, specifically (I’ll never forget the first day of vision quest before we went on our solo journeys telling one of the others exactly that, and immediately putting my hands on the ground and moving them all around)…⁣

I’ll be guiding solo journeys and one full day with participants tomorrow to do a little bit or a lot of the above, to strip down.  ⁣

There’s no skinny-dipping involved this time (though it was on vision quest 😉) unless you call looking inwardly as far and as honestly as possible, exactly that.⁣

And it kind of is —


Latest quest video ~

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
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