Sell Them What They Want, Give Them What They Need” EXPLAINED

I sent this quick drawing to my client the other day as I was en route to Yosemite (can you believe I’ve never been!?) and I realize that it might also help you, so here it is!

If you’re confused as to what to sell (or what *will* sell) and how to actually also do the work you actually LOVE, this is how.

Though I’m oversimplifying, this exercise or example will help you begin to settle on what you’re hanging the OPEN sign of your business for (think tangible outcome/solution!) and what you’ll then also, in essence, over deliver around and actually give them once they walk through the door (think all the intangibles you love to truly go deep into that also ultimately support your clients in getting where they need to be!).

The whole sell them what they want and give them what they need thing.


The door or portal people will walk through is for 1) something tangible and 2) for something that solves one of their most urgent problems (this target is whom you may call your “profitable target market”).

Let’s workshop this now:

What’s your most tangible solution that BOTH solves an urgent (key word) problem that someone is willing to invest in right now?

Write it and draw it out now.

Even if you don’t love the answer, stay with me…

My tangible is logo work and tagline creation (but, like you, I would never just want to do logo work and tagline creation — I have so much more experience and expertise to share) SO I offer much more…BUT, I don’t confuse my messaging or marketing with trying to sell it all.

My specialty is branding and that’s what I sell most often. That’s my portal. Clients know they need this problem solved and solved immediately.


Now, once we’re working together on their movement’s overall message, tagline, logo etc. I give them all that I am truly about ~ I support them in coaching around mindset and their energy, around redefining motherhood and balance, help them with their schedules and other additional intangibles such as confidence. In other words, success coaching topics.

Let’s workshop this now:

What intangibles (or tangibles) that may or may not be your ideal clients’ pressing problem (that they know of anyway!) do you give once they’re seated in your home? In other words, as they are working with you?

Write it and draw it out now.

Focus on what they need to solve first (in other words, hear first). Then and only then, decide on the plan for how you’ll also give them what they need (all the extra support you’re amazing at and that will only support them to greater heights). 

Start with as much of the tangible as you can!

Then, once they’re through the door you can open up your bag of tricks and give them support around more. Knowing you, MUCH more. 🙂

Here’s another way of saying it —

If of everything you have great knowledge in, nine out of 10 clients want support around stress management (in other words, that’s what your client was most excited by fixing and willing to invest in), you’d give them that support and do it amazingly well. Clearly. 🙂

Then, once you were working together, you could then add specific opportunities to also work on the topics of self-esteem and confidence, explaining how they align and connect to their initial pressing problem of stress.


Your soul’s work CAN be done, you simply must do it where you’re taking the immediate issue off the table.

Said yet another way —

The more you help clients alleviate the pressing thing weighing on their minds, hearts and bodies, the more space they’ll have (and you’ll have!) to do the work that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, is your soul’s work.

Win. Win. WIN.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

p.s. The Success Mastermind focused on the 360-degree up level of each part of your business and landing inside one audacious goal is back!

We start in October. Stay tuned to this space for the daring details.

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