Say THIS instead (Authentic Brand Training date)

I’m so busy

You’ll rarely ever hear me utter those words because I believe that everything I do is what I get to do, not what I have to do. This means even picking up after my pup, Holland.

Instead, I feel and say that I have a full life. That’s what feels more true for me.

Life is good, it’s a beautiful and full life

The words we choose carry with them an energetic weight. They can either bring us down or help us feel up…light and UP for it all/UP for whatever amazing thing is coming our way (psst, there’s always something out for delivery)…

Do you want to be busy or would you like to have a purposeful, full life?

Say what it is that you actually want and more of it will find its way to you.

It’s a welcome shift…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!


p.s. Save the Date for MGI’s free Authentic Brand Training (and clarity around how to express your thought leadership) coming up on May 17th 11am – 1pm just for the MGI Creative Heroine community, xo. Show up LIVE and potentially win a digital copy and workbooks from Brand to Success, my signature how-to branding program that shows you how to create and launch your most powerful personal brand yet…

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