Michelle invites you into a sacred space for a creative think tank to define “what’s next” and most importantly “what could make this even better”! As she says, “Make happiness your business”. And so it is. And so it shall be. I fall more in love with my business everyday! It’s not just a business. It’s a movement.

left sideDianna Novela, Lifestyle + Wellness Coach, Californiaright side


No words could ever explain how grateful I am for having this beautiful, brand building woman, Michelle, alongside me on my journey of starting my new business venture and building my brand. From our first call together, I knew that she was the person I wanted and could trust to guide me on this very important and enduring step of brand creation. What appeared to be a daunting job for me, Michelle's approach made it manageable, understandable and so enjoyable along the way. Together we co-created everything from my business name to my logo, content for my website pages and guidance on the layout, and the methodology of how I will take my clients from the beginning of their journey to when they will flourish on their own, I learned so much from her and I know that because of her deep and impactful guidance that my business will be brand breathes it! In just eight months, I have launched my business and yes, I see the results of our work together and it is exactly how I envisioned it, how she envisioned it and it all came alive as a result. I get so excited everyday when I see my brand and my business in action because of what Michelle guided me to create. As long as I am a business owner, I will never go without having Michelle in my back pocket!!

left sideTheresa McCahey, Regenerative Health Practitioner, Minnesotaright side


I had originally contacted Michelle Ghilotti about three years ago regarding a 4 hour VIP day around authentic branding. Regrettably, I did not move forward then. Fast forward to the present where I knew I would never be able to accelerate my business by myself nor did I have any more time to waste.

The decision to work with Michelle was a big uplevel for me but I trusted her promise that she could bring together all the "puzzle pieces" to one cohesive brand. That is exactly what she did. This was divine collaboration as Michelle is not only experienced and brilliant, but intuitive. I felt listened to and heard (especially in my desire to do things differently) and expertly guided when needed. We brainstormed together and I walked away with clarity on a signature transformational process for my work, offerings, named products, taglines and messaging themes.

When I began, my ideas were good - also thanks to others who had helped before - but they were untethered and lacked power. Michelle, with her mastery of feminine and masculine paradigms, helped tie all the ideas and pieces together in a bow - strong enough to hold them together and loose enough to allow creativity to flow through. The entire experience was joyful, magical and professional from the first call to the ongoing support and coordination by Susan, Michelle's "Director of Happiness."

There is no pricetag for eliminating confusion and breaking through inertia. Michelle didn't just accelerate my business, she accelerated my life. The best part of working with Michelle was getting to know her. Michelle Ghilotti is truly one of the finest souls on this planet and any time in her presence leaves you better than when you started.

left sideCarmel D'Arienzo, Bella Vita Livingright side


Michelle is the embodiment of a Creative Heroine - a woman who moves resiliently and creatively from problem to solution. I am truly moved by her writing about her exploits - and her honesty around taboo topics. I am not alone in this feeling. She lovingly supports women to create purposeful, playful and personality-rich lives, businesses and brands - plus helps women to make money in meaningful ways which serve the greater good.

left sideKaren Salmansohn, best selling author of "Think Happy"right side


Michelle is amazing at getting to the bottom of what makes you happy and building a brand from that place. Few people understand the power of branding, but it's the smart ones who know that a well-thought out brand is the killer secret of successful businesses.

left sideAngela Jia Kim, Savor the Success, New Yorkright side

Debra Rogers

Michelle Ghilotti’s Ecstatic Immersion Experience gave me the clarity and courage to launch my own VIP experience. Michelle’s a highly creative, smart, soulful mentor who knows how to create programs, products and services that truly make a difference. After our Ecstatic Immersion Experience day, I walked away with a solid action plan on how to create a memorable, mind-blowing experience that’ll transform women’s lives forever. Thank you!

left sideDebra Rogers (Award-winning Author, Writer's Coach, & Reinvention Strategist)right side

Sinead Bovell

My name is Sinead Bovell and I am founder and CEO of WAYE, and I have been working with Michelle for close to 5 months now. I started with the VIP day which I highly recommended for anyone who is considering it. Everything we covered that day essentially became the foundation and the platform for all of the strategic pillars in my business. Michelle really helps you to see the bigger picture of what you are building!

After the VIP day, it was a no brainer for me to continue on with the coaching sessions which have also been exceptionally valuable for my business. First of all, Michelle is extremely easy to work with. And second of all, she has such a diverse range of knowledge. Whether it is a simple design question or critical strategic question, Michelle is able to provide exceptional advice and insight.

So for anybody who is considering working with Michelle, I highly, highly recommend it. I am so grateful that I met her so early on in my business journey. She has absolutely transformed the direction of my business and my company for the better. And I'm so grateful for it. I look forward to continuing to work with Michelle!

left sideSinead Bovell, The Model Who Talks Techright side

Gina King

When I decided to take Michelle's branding tour workshop, I had just reached the 1 year anniversary of launching my business, Domaine Somm, and felt it was a good time to focus on building the brand. Like most growing businesses, we have evolved a bit from when we launched and I felt that we needed some clarity and structure around our brand identity. The workshop provided me with a framework to ask the right questions, but I must admit that I left the workshop feeling a bit defeated and confused as all of those questions were challenging for me to answer with certainty. Those questions stayed in my head for several days and I realized that the exercise in it of itself provided me with the necessary focus and clarity to answer those questions with more confidence. I decided to do a VIP day with Michelle to expand upon the progress I had made from the workshop. The 1-1 time was valuable and helped me to flush out even further who we truly are, the impact we want to have, and how to articulate the brand in an authentic fashion. I think one of Michelle's great attributes is her ability to help you draw out from within what you really want to share with the world and make it happen through your brand.

left sideGina King, Domaine Somm, Californiaright side

Jennifer Dietrich

I contacted Michelle Ghilotti because I loved all the elements of her own personal brand—the photography, the website, logo, copy – and I was drawn to her personality that seemed to leap off her website. I also appreciated that Michelle had a corporate background, as I do too. Our VIP day was exactly what I had hoped for, and more. We dug deep into the questionnaire I had completed prior to the day and really explored my purpose for my life coaching business. We discussed at length a ramp-up plan and different strategies to market the business to my ideal clients. I left the day feeling excited and confident that Michelle really understood where I wanted to take my business, and had given me concrete action steps in moving it forward. I would highly recommend working with Michelle -- for her talent, her experience, and her ability to really understand her clients’ needs.

left sideJennifer Dietrich, Life Coach, Miamiright side

Rebecca Woodbury Keller

I admit, I walked into Michelle's workshop a little battle worn and jaded. In the past several years, I've gone to a bunch of marketing workshops and taken all sorts of marketing courses and yet I still couldn't come up with a basic tagline. When I walked into Michelle's workshop I was feeling lost the dark and scary jungle of marketing tips, techniques, and lingo. But after spending just a few short hours walking through several very easy-to-understand worksheets, Michelle helped me tame my marketing fears and finally find my tagline! Her approach was different than anything I had seen before and it made sense, and the bottom line is, it worked! Thanks Michelle!

left sideRebecca Woodbury Keller, PhD, CEO of Gravitas Publicationsright side


I was looking for a great business coach who got me -- who understood and appreciated my lifestyle as a Mom and solo-preneur, who valued the business I am building and who could show me how I could make both work. After working with her intensively, in class and in private time, I am SO fired up about my business and my life! This is no longer a make-it-work moment; I am in the flow. When I first met Michelle, I knew I had to work with her, but I wanted to be ready...I can’t believe I doubted it for a second. I was scared that I already had too much on my plate. I pushed myself to start the process anyway and I am so happy I did! We've worked through all my immediate needs for the business AND brand and SO much more around creating my programs and growing my speaking career! I'm so glad I followed the pull of my heart."

left sideAllison Hamilton-Rohe, Daily Outfit, Leiden, The Netherlandsright side


I had an amazing branding session and two months of coaching with Michelle Ghilotti. It’s quite an experience when you get to see yourself through someone else’s eyes – who you are and how you can contribute to others while expressing the true authentic you and do it publicly. There is so much freedom and joy in allowing yourself to be who you really are ~ I’ve learned that’s how you inspire others. I don’t know why I was hiding and playing small for so many years. They say women have a tendency to do it – it’s about being adaptable, not putting yourself into the “danger zone”. Yes, it feels risky putting myself out there and at the same time, it’s very empowering. The brand coaching has encouraged me to step out of my shell and start to shine.

left sideKristina Simpson, Health Coach, LAright side


I've worked with several coaches prior to Michelle, but since starting to work with her in her Gold Program (her six month coaching program), my personal growth, drive for a balanced life, understanding of my inner self and career opportunities have skyrocketed. She challenges me to want and get more, while appreciating what I have within and around me. More importantly, the work we do together provides me the avenue to pursue my biggest aspirations for my company and team members' growth, while strengthening my bond with my husband, children and family. It's almost like screaming "I am women, here me roar", but never having to make a sound. Michelle has the ability to empower and guide you, assisting with various business clarity and decisions around business model, branding and communicating your PR factor. I highly recommend Michelle to women who are ready to take charge of their business and their life with an enlightened frame of mind to elevate their business.

left sideCrystal Lequang, Owner, AMAZAE Special Events, San Joseright side


Michelle has helped me get clear on so many things. Among them, why I’m in business, what I want my message to be and what my talents are. She is helping me create strategies for delivering my message consistently through our branding work together and I couldn’t be more grateful. She has helped me see that I have the skills I need to run a thriving business, and how valuable it is to get some help in seeing where your talents converge with your business. I am thrilled to be moving forward with a revamped brand and some awesome insights from our work together. Michelle really knows branding and knows that it is as much about the logo and visual pieces as it is about the inner work!

left sideLaurie Coyle, Artist, MASSACHUSETTSright side


I started working with Michelle as my branding coach to get me more clarity around a brand for my new business venture, Rebel With Cause. In the process, she changed my life and the way I view my brand. Little did I realize what a huge impact she'd have in my life and how working with her one on one would give me the clarity I craved and courage to pursue a new business venture I was thinking for months! Michelle has a fantastic energy and enthusiasm for branding that is absolutely contagious and she led me through the process with direction and exact action steps to take. You showed me how to be a more heart-centered entrepreneur who operates from a place of balance and paying attention to both the ying and yang of my brand. Michelle has a knack for finding out what's really important to you. She draws out your true essence and pick up on little throw-away words to masterfully weave it together in a potent purposeful statement that inspires and motivates you to live up to that claim. All kudos to Michelle for helping me to pin down my brand values and personality through her fun, quirky and inspiring coaching. I can't recommend Michelle enough...she will help you play a much bigger game than you ever played before and help you to create a daring brand that's right for you and that you're extremely proud of. Thank you, Michelle, for your abundant mentality and for always giving so much. I feel like a proud mother showing off her beautiful child to the world!

left sideAlicia Menkfeld, Rebel with Cause Mentor, Australiaright side


We created magic with my brand! A clear vision and a focus on where I'm taking my business. We created a clear vision so I can better reach and really AFFECT my target market. We came up with amazing taglines and beautiful creations of where I'm taking this and just how to present it to the world. Thank you, Michelle!
I recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level and bring out the beauty that is inside them.

left sideSalenta Fox, SFI Love Coach, Salt Lake Cityright side


After being in business for 10 years, I had come to a crossroads. I was now a mother of two little boys (1 and 2.5 at the time) and was overworked, sleep deprived and un-inspired. I started looking for another alternative and was contemplating going to work full time for my client and close my doors.

And then, Michelle and I connected, and I decided I needed to invest one more time into my business, with MGI, before truly making such a bold move. Working with Michelle not only gave me clarity, she gave me nuggets to change my daily habits and my daily perspective. This turned into a new fresh "Whitney" and a new and improved "WHITNEY FUSION". I hosted a team retreat. We updated our logo, our website, our mission statement and our values. Our teams production and positivity increased. We were re-inspired, rejuvenated and refocused!

Without the loving guidance, vision and ultimate support of Michelle, there may not be a WFE as we know it today. I am forever grateful for Michelle's talent, wisdom and genuine love she gives to her clients.

left sideWhitney Stoner, WHITNEYfusion Boutique Event, Company San Franciscoright side


Working with Michelle on creating my brand Soulful Weight Loss™ has been incredible and so successful. I came to Michelle confused about where to go next with my coaching business and how to re-brand myself. I finished with a spot on brand and clarity about my path. Michelle was insightful, patient, thoughtful, brilliantly creative, super smart and so professional. She coached me forward and helped me take seat in my business and in my life to a place where I could truly find my personal brand. The process was seamless. Our journey has been one much bigger than just branding and design, it has been one of personal discovery and transformation. Michelle is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to truly have a professionally branded business that reflects who they are and helps them be able do the work that they were born to do. Can't recommend her highly enough.

left sideEmily Kaplan, Health & Body Transformation Coach, Philadelphiaright side


I have been a client of Michelle's for the last five years, and with all the projects we have worked on, Michelle always manages to inspire. One of Michelle's greatest strengths is distilling an idea to its strongest form. I have brainstormed with her on all kinds of projects and she has come up with elegant and witty solutions and designs that my colleagues, friends and family have consistently raved about. I also find Michelle so easy to work with. She is a quick study, and she gets to the heart of a problem or issue quickly. She is also a great listener, and on many occasions, she has pulled out from my many random and disparate thoughts a common theme or element that has become the basis of the work. Her international experiences really bring a worldwide view to the table. I know that I'm getting the best of design because Michelle has seen so much in the course of work and travel abroad. When you send out any work under your name, you want it to be the best representation of yourself and your business. In short, she is someone who I have no hesitation in recommending because she always gets it, and gets it right.

left sideGrace Won, Personal Branding, San Franciscoright side

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