Realizing New Futures For Your
Business & Brand in the New Now

Calling all women who are sun-seeking, 
vista-viewing, Golden Gate goers…
— free-thinking women who are adventurers
culture-delving, street art spotters
and cable car hopping globetrotting creators –

Reimagine LOGO FNL

What are you spending much of your extra time 

reimagining right now?

Your identity as a human on the planet?

Wanting more meaning and less of the rush inside work and life?

Thinking differently about the stagnation you were feeling even
before the world stopped to feeling like you’re finally responding
to a little encouragement, giving yourself permission
to plan and dare to think of your future plans?

Re-imagining what it means to be in a relationship,
be a friend or who your tribe is?

Re-imagining this next season of personal and professional
growth and how you’ll define and determine success?

Re-imagining your entire business, profession or
re-imagining a more authentic way to brand or express them?


Calling ALL who are restless between adventures
(I am right there with you)

I am ready!
Awaken me from any trances
and sleepwalks. It is TIME.

~ Tosha Silver

Let’s travel here together: into what we can control over the next six 
weeks and beyond. Namely, our creative ability, the effort we put into
our business or purpose project foundations and brand messaging,
the way we care deeply inside our relationships, the way we support
others and continue to create a livelihood for ourselves in alignment
with what it is that we want professionally and personally.

I’m here to remind you that uncertain times won’t stay uncertain
forever and YOU, your spirit, ability and drive are definitely not
uncertain, so, let’s plan for that!


As I sit down to write this at this time of year, I think back to hopping on a plane for another chapter or story on the #friendshipexperiment journey which started in 2018 on exactly this day (update: still on the journey). After my brother and Mom died tragically, I wrote the names of 14 people who I wanted to reconnect with and who had waited for me while I rode the waves of this new normal called grief…

On this day two years ago, it was to Alaska to visit with one of my friends from high school…

I was up first thing in the morning, a 4am wakeup call, but for a woman who trades traditional comfort for an airplane seat or even airplane sleep, if it means flying above it all to see and think about things differently for awhile, I’m there.


In fact, last year alone I got myself up about that early for 11 trips, near and far. I credit a gypsy spirit, likely passed onto me by my Mom. I also credit living abroad four times, once at 16 with a French family, another at 21 with college friends in Madrid and the last two times at 28 and 34 with my husband and son in Holland and Mexico. Having experienced extended amounts of time away like this I’m sure have much to do with where I feel most at home – getting to known other cultures, staying for a while.

Travel stirs something in us, not otherwise stirred. It’s one of the greatest forms of creativity and the precursor TO creativity. As we’ve all felt, it’s the elixir to great ideas and many times to great decisions being made around life, work and relationships, sometimes before you even touch down (same goes for work – I get more done on planes in a third of the time!).

When we feel the freeing quality and joy of both travel and creativity take over, I feel them saying, as Donna Asworth so beautifully writes about inspiration, “It is time, let it go, really let it go. And feel the freedom of the fresh, clean spaces within you. Fill them with discovery, love and laughter. Fill yourself so full you will no longer fear what is ahead. And instead you will greet each day with a cellbounding Yes.”

What a blessing, to feel the joy that’s reserved for us in travel and the creation process (the travel bug and our creativity come from the same place – soul). 

I extend the conversation here always to include the experience of being an entrepreneur and the joy received from seeing yourself create something out of nothing, then launching out into the world.

And, we are blessed so many times over, of course, to have this very privilege of creation, of using our voice and of putting our ideas out into the world, not to mention being able to hop aboard a metal bird to experience all the inspiration available to us that our ancestors simply could not.

To me, pulling the tray down and putting my computer or latest MGI papers to review headed to a new place and especially inside this #friendshipexperiment is what creating what you want to be a part of means to me.


These trips weren’t only to feel the freedom or breath that comes with adventure (though I did feel all those things on these trips – using the hashtag #friendshipexperiment, you can still find the musings and videos on the “experiment”), it was to experience a recommitment to self and to friendship in a new way — and to explore who my friends were in their own new season.

Maybe not so surprisingly, I also had a similar recalibration and romance with my business and creative expression during this time (it’s all connected, and it’s also still very much going…).

The truth is, both friendship and creation inside our businesses are both a creative act AND a spiritual pursuit. In short, if we continue to grow, our businesses and our relationships will grow, too…

And it was inside this, my latest “comeback”, focusing on what it meant to throw myself back into relationship, that everything continued to grow and flourish.


I had been such a good friend

“I had been such a good friend (before my life had stopped during grief)”, I thought. Have you, too, traveled periods where you were a better friend than others? Beyond motherhood 15 years ago, the time spent inside my grief journey was a clear period of retreat. Maybe many of us are feeling that right now, too, inside the experience of the great pause we’re living…


After the necessary focus on finding a new center for myself while I navigated all the new inside loss, it was time to re-focus on the world of connection around me. I loved going to my friend’s or family member’s states, cities and/or meeting them in a place foreign to both of us as the photo above shares. It felt soulfully-good — and healing– to connect and, in short, it felt good to feel a different brand of creativity coursing through. 

This was a feeling I have felt for 20 years every time I evolved the business, refreshed my brand or did a deep dive around what I truly wanted to be doing, why and for whom…

I have the #friendshipexperiment to thank for so much. It was in part due to this conscious experiment I set out on, a reconnection tour of sorts (still bearing much fruit, btw) that gave way to new life being created inside the work I do in the world that means the world to me.

Every time I give myself over to creation and to the work I can’t NOT do, I feel like I’m on the best adventure; one that gives me such a similar brand of inspiration — and personal growth.

And it’s inside this – focusing deeply on my relationships AND my meaningful work in the world and inside my community where I continue to feel on purpose, feel much peace and in tune with myself, again, even with all the change and new normals happening for me, my little family and the rest of the world…


When I reflect back on how I’ve been able to continue to grow as a person, grow a business, a movement and a brand create inside me through tragedy, grief and the tough new normal inside my family of origin (we rarely talk about what grief does to the family unit that’s left behind – it isn’t easy), it’s through all of this – through travel, building this purposeful business and through prioritizing creation, creativity and meaningful relationships. They ALL open us up and open up our energy, so we can continue to give our gift away.

And that’s what I have always wanted to do throughout this Great Pause of 2020 or through other tough times, too…pour myself more meaningfully into work that makes a difference.


Dreaming of the freedom to move about

For 20 years having my own thing, I can say that for me what life is about is finding the things or PEOPLE who spark you out of stagnancy and using our ability to connect to people, places and ideas to drive us to new places, and new versions of ourselves.

Right now we’re probably all yearning for some version of this connection, reminiscing about past travels, dreaming of the freedom to move about and explore. Whenever, wherever and however much we want. We may even be realizing how much of those opportunities we’ve taken for granted.

And we shouldn’t let those desires, needs or that yearning for connection go unanswered. Just because we find ourselves temporarily grounded doesn’t mean we can’t explore and pay justice to that instinct to develop new understandings of ourselves and to create and feel creative, which is exactly what our trips and adventures do – we feel in tune with that deeper part of ourselves.

Afar Photo_Michellebehindmagazine

Spending time inside our businesses, inside our ideas and ultimately inside our ability to STILL create and make something out of nothing, or make something good out of a challenging situation is still available to us.

It is.

Those feelings of restlessness and of excitement to get back into purpose gear or mode, dear fellow time traveler, THAT is your spirit asking for new connection and for new connections to be made with your previous ideas.


Let’s dust them off and take them for a spin, shall we?

So I’m calling you, free-thinking, connection-driven women who are looking for your next adventure and who are feeling responsive to a little more encouragement these days, maybe even giving yourself permission to plan and dare to think of future plans…

I’m calling on all of us who want to create inside their current business, new business or inside a new purpose project with the spirit of the adventurer…

Let’s do just that ~ let’s take a trip, six weeks worth, to be exact, of diving back into what we can’t not do in this lifetime. And what we can’t not do RIGHT NOW.

Let’s continue living (actually LIVING) inside this unique and challenging time in the world, feeling as much of the freedom and wide open space of creation as possible – and, maybe this time, or for the first time in a long time, with a deeper level of support that will also help us travel rougher waters (let’s do it together)…

I’m ecstatic to be opening the doors to a program that will help you realize new futures with your brand or purpose project and brand…

Reimagine LOGO FNL

Join me for what will truly be an unforgettable six-week REIMAGINE women’s business council experience (and an experience it will be, it’s what MGI is known for).

During this hands-on six weeks, you will walk away with the strategy to your new idea or current business and all inside a nest-like, intimate group experience…

Our time together will be modeled after nature councils created and experienced during my days spent in my eco-psychology apprenticeship and in the wild during my vision quest — all with the intention of not doing business as usual (let’s rise to meet the times), yet getting business done to get YOU back out there…

Lets take advantage of this time before Fall to work together to reimagine and solidify where you’re going in business and inside your brand expression, all with the integrity and alignment of the woman who stands before us today.

In six weeks, we will travel from where you are now with your brand new idea OR current business and help you get it to a place where by September (or earlier) you have something to share with the world.

This could point to working on that larger something you’ve been thinking about or it could mean micro-strategies and the next baby step toward with the “smaller” idea you know you can make great headway on.

All of it with an eye to where you see yourself creatively and professionally a year from now, knowing, however, that what we can affect most right now is what’s in front of us, picking the lowest hanging fruit of an idea perhaps and saving the forever strategy for another time, waiting to see where we end up as a world, country and society.

If you join us inside REIMAGINE, you will be welcomed into one of the more honest, yet strategic business support groups around with a map to help direct your energy right now and grow the parts of your business, purpose project or brand that you know need the most TLC.

Think of this time working inside your project or business as not only a purposeful way to use your time (and it’s not much time per week to carve out, plus you’ll be working on what matters most inside your business/higher calling/purpose project), but as something to look forward to launching in September (or thereabouts). Let’s work now in a gentle, yet steady way to impact lives, as well as our own.

The Topics on our Journey

Inside our intimate REIMAGINE six-week women’s council, you will receive what’s needed for your business or purpose project and brand to free yourself from the stagnancy potentially felt not only during the Great Pause of 2020, but likely before, too. And understandably –you’ve felt some key pieces were missing.

But you do know that you ARE ready, even if that’s just another 15% ready than you were yesterday (listen to that muse, listen to your purpose and to the world who needs it and needs you very much).

Those missing pieces have likely been (but not limited to): energy (many of us have felt that one, especially as of late), dissecting all the ideas to those that will actually work, to wanting to make sure that you do what REALLY lights you up (no business as usual), or maybe it’s been the business foundation, understanding who you’re really serving (you’ve changed a lot in the last year or two and so has the world), maybe it’s been your brand strategy or getting out there more frequently sharing your brand of insight on social media or inside your newsletter that you want to resurrect.

All of it, inside this council, will, not only, be served up in a light, playful and safe environment, at a speed that feels good to your tired physical body and soul, is UNDERSTOOD (we’re all there). Right here and now, you have the permission to dare to plan for the future!

It’s all we got ladies…the future (that’s certain):

  • Idea/business foundation: We will start where you’re at. No need for you to change anything about you or the idea or feel like you’re not far enough along to take advantage of this, your REIMAGINE council. What are you honestly bringing to the table and what is your specific and authentic declaration for what you want to work on inside this sacred and supportive container? In other words, what foundational elements do you need most support with? Let’s work on them. Each of you will share and we’ll love learning who you are and what you’re about in this world (no idea or business is too small, too much or not warmly welcomed – wherever you are and whatever you think you want to birth, you will be supported). At this stage, I might help you tweak the purpose project idea or business direction and you may come out the other end with a different thing, but, always with something that will impact more and most, that will ultimately fit who you are authentically (we are always in search of alignment). Again, whether it’s a new idea that needs legs or a current business that needs a refresh, given who you are today, your circle of support is here.

How to put it all together or in other words, how to clear through the idea clutter: This is essentially the nuts and bolts strategy piece that we all need, not only to land on our authentic, directed and focused idea (the thing that is actually needed in the marketplace), but what’s needed overall to implement and roll out the idea in an elegant way. What idea of all the ideas that you have will “travel” well or which truly has legs? During this week, we will explore all of it and you will feel confident with what to move forward with, especially if you aren’t already (some of you will already know what you want to work on throughout the six weeks).

Purpose: I’ve completed many purpose sessions over the last two months and each one was a big reminder, as always, of how important the foundation of fulfillment and meaning (the trunk of the tree) are before we ever get to “the business” bits or offerings (the branches and leaves of the tree). During this week, we will also discuss the varying reasons we are not feeling on purpose, it’s not what you think. This part of the purpose conversation will show you how the problem hasn’t been you and that you’ve always been on the right path.

Your audience/ideal target market: We will focus on your all-important audience or target market helping you feel sure, once and for all, around you get. We can’t create purposefully without knowing who we are genuinely wanting to work with and who we are primed to work with, given both our professional and life experience. This week will focus our energies here so you know how to direct your offerings and messaging. Your direction, or choosing one, has as much to do with the strength of the idea and your passion and energy behind it.

Strategy and simplification: Your “what’s new now” strategy and your “what’s next” strategy (again, we’ll keep your forever strategy for another time). Focusing on the first two will help you feel supported, with a roadmap for the foreseeable future. On a similar note, what’s the difference between a pivot, a repositioning or a refreshing of your messaging, and what business (and life!) strategies will support you in continuing to follow this next call in your life, while prioritizing growing both a community and livelihood (getting more ideal clients). Week after week, we will continue to speak to and plan for bringing in a new aspect of who you are today to what you are creating (in other news and up-to-the-minute reporting: feel free to allow your dreams and priorities to evolve and to let the ones go that you’ve outgrown). This week will also vey much support the part of you who wants deeply to bring in all professional and “life parts” of you together inside your business/project.

Leadership & believing in our ideas and ourselves: This continues on from the brand conversation with this question: how do we create a brand and business, not solely for where we are, but for where we are GOING. This part of REIMAGINE will tip its hat to vision and where you see yourself and your business, purpose project or calling growing to. Here we will discuss scripting, as well as give you homework that will help you prepare, as much as we can right now anyway, for what is to come for you as you move way forward.

Your signature offering/first main offering: We will make this part uber simple, because the truth is, it is or can be. I’ll help you sift through what to offer and in what way, especially right now during this unique time (we have been getting very creative with client’s offerings, so I’ll bring all of that to bear inside this group). Throughout our six weeks together, we will be asking ourselves one main question every week and that’s how can I make this effortless? In fact, this is how I run my business and how I coach my clients to think about and run theirs. In short, we will tune into what that first step is that your ideal audience or client needs in order to get to the other side of their transformation, as well as what they say they want. Both are important. In short, we will focus on small wins, as that’s what the world — and your clients/audience/or the tribe you’ll be creating– needs right now. This will all help guide the messaging or branding conversation.

Life experience, leadership and extended women’s council time: We will devote an entire week to learning and hearing from one another by way of spending unique time inside the topic of life experience and leadership and how we fold both into our business, offerings, brand and everyday communication of our business or ideas. We learn best, not only from other industries and from other types of businesses, but from one another and this week will be a rich week of diving into that truth.

• Fluid, authentic sharing & brand messaging: It’s only when you show who you really are, that more is revealed. Ok, that’s the deeper part of the conversation we’ll end up in, but we’ll start (or continue for some of you who have worked a bit with this before) with your brand heart spot and after diving deeper into your three main brand values (this may have changed for former clients reading this, so we will discuss this for you anew). Essentially we’ll get clear on your essence. We will also cover off on how you shift the messaging inside your current business (do you even need to?) or create a signature brand language for your new idea that genuinely engages and that you can keep up with in sharing consistently. And beyond that, how do you continue to share sensitively and powerfully during the pandemic, after the pandemic and beyond (yes let’s acknowledge the now, and let’s also look and plan for the new that’s always coming). (Again, things will not feel or be uncertain forever and, most importantly, I want you to know and remember that *you* are not uncertain. Let’s help you marshal all that beautiful life energy in service to what can’t not do…to that purposeful business, purpose project and higher calling).

And more surprises and support on the topics and many questions which will come up for you as we start out…

What you are gifting yourself by joining REIMAGINE

• No more stagnation! I could stop there, but there’s more… 

• A solid foundation for your idea or your shifting current business 

• Knowing who to speak to and how 

• Clearly understanding what you’re offering and how that’s of true service right now 

• Feeling on purpose and authentic in your sharing 

• A guide and support to turn to that you can finally turn to get this off the ground (again, no more stagnation – you don’t have to go at this alone) 

• Feeling deep belief in your idea and direction (again or finally)


Directed creativity: One huge result will be walking away feeling like your creativity is finally directed (bye, bye to the 1,000,000 ideas you have and hello to finally feeling like your energy and IDEA (one main one) has a purpose and that you have a purpose and direction.
An intimate huddle & time for you: After 12+ weeks or (maybe more!) of being home and of being everything for everyone, a time and a place for you to hear yourself think, with direction, coaching and guided support, not to mention a group of like-minded women that you can’t wait to meet up with again the next week because you’re learning so much from them, too.

Of course, sharing honestly and openly about life parts will be part of this council and it’s especially important right now. Outside of your own friend group, this will be a group, your women’s council, that will feel good to you because you’ll feel understood on the life front, as well as on the business or purpose project front…

Strategy and September: Walking away with a strategy and idea for a current business or new idea that has legs, with you as the confident creator and leader to boot. In short, we are going to work part of the Summer to make Fall feel like your coming out party – all in support of those who most need your support most (it’s time for you to get out there and stay out there for them), as well as in support of your joy, meaning and movement forward.
A playful, honest guide: The person you have at the helm doesn’t do cookie cutter, doesn’t do business as usual and is extremely sensitive to what you each are bringing to the table, always and especially right now. As always, I’ll be bringing all my energy, business consulting and brand brain, as well as all modalities picked up over the last two decades to bear inside the group, every step of the way. Because no MGI group or experience is anything without fun, I’ll be bringing that for us in spades, too. We may not be on a trip in Spain eating paella and sipping on sangria or even at my house in LA as we always are inside similar groups, but we will create our own version. I promise.


Dates: We will begin July 1st and continue through August 5th. We will meet every Wednesday on Zoom from 12 – 1:45pm Pacific for the weekly teachings and Q&As (topics above). We will also meet every following Monday from 10:30 – 11:15am Pacific for a group livestream check-in around what you’re working on based on our Wednesday connections, both meetings with a lot of fun-loving feedback, recommendations and support.
Zoom: We will meet via Zoom inside a new topic for each women’s council each Wednesday 12 – 1:45pm Pacific. As quickly mentioned, most days will be modeled after my eco-psychology training and will feel different than any other group you’ve been a part of. Why is this important? Because we’ve all experienced a lot of virtual connecting lately. This group will be uniquely created to bring in nature and all your senses, despite meeting inside another Zoom room. It’s not business as usual right now, so we will act like it.

Facebook Group: There will be opportunities outside our teaching and note-taking time to meet inside our private REIMAGINE Facebook group every Monday between 10:30 -11:15am Pacific. This will round out the weekly training and support, helping you feel accountable and moving forward, feeling directed and on purpose. You will get your unique and specific questions answered each week that will keep you moving forward! These Facebook check-ins will be set up open door style where, no matter what, I’ll be there to provide small group or semi-private coaching with your specific business, brand or purpose project. These Monday check-in livestreams will be LIVE inside the group, so if you miss one, you can come back and easily catch the questions and answers, most of which, I am certain, will support your own forward movement (we learn both through our own questions, as well as from the inquiry others make have about their next step or business idea…).

I got you. We got each other.

Registration: – Kindly register by June 25th (I will likely cap this at 12 ladies)
Tuition: – $197*

*Note: This “for such a time as this” investment is exactly that. It is a unique time and this is a unique support counsel. I wanted to make this as accessible as possible, so you could get the support you needed to feel directed and on purpose, with more joy and peace in your heart during this challenging time (my boutique programs normally have an investment of $997+).

Join us and REIMAGINE what’s not only possible, but what truly lives in you that can be channeled and birthed, especially after having for so long paused what you really want to be part of.

Let’s create what we want to be part of and create the adventure inside our businesses, because it’s there…

It’s our time to respond to some encouragement…


Can’t wait to have you with us inside this REIMAGINE 

women’s council, for such a time as this…

What some former clients have shared…

xo. Michelle helped me find my voice, which had been hidden for a long time. She also held my hand, supported my dreams, helped me through the “muddle of thoughts”, all in an effort to get the gold that was hidden beneath. I felt loved, supported, guided, seen and heard. I never felt that my ideas were too grand or not good enough. Michelle is wonderful with words, always helping me name my programs in a catchy, but soulful way. Thank you for holding us all in a safe container where we were allowed and encouraged to evolve into the most authentic and bravest versions of ourselves. ~ Tanya Beaubrun

xo. I utilized MGI for many business needs, but my most recent work with MGI centered around messaging for my three distinct businesses and how to link them all together by a single thread. I was (and still am) very passionate about each business venture, but was feeling as though I didn’t
have the words to connect the three businesses to each other. Michelle took the time to learn about each of my distinct businesses and provide talking points for each one. She then helped me weave the story about the interconnectedness of all three. This guidance was immeasurable as it not
only provided talking points for me when the question of interconnectedness came up, but has also helped sharpen my focus regarding my personal and professional purpose. By working through and
understanding the “why” for each business individually and collectively, I am better prepared to evaluate whether a new path serves my purpose when presented with new opportunities. Michelle helps you distill the most important components of your business, specifically as it relates to your
mission and purpose.

~ Holly Levow

xo. Michelle’s a creative genius when it comes to branding and finding inspired ways to add unique value to whatever you’re working on. She’s a soulful coach and her heartfelt generosity is unmatched. After working with her, I came away with a wealth of ideas, inspiration, and motivation, along with a
concrete plan to implement in my business right away. Michelle is a rare combination of inspired creativity and practical strategy, helping entrepreneurs come up with visionary brands while also giving them the specific steps to get there. Michelle has a gift for finding the essence of what you have to say (and sell) and expanding that into an exciting, unique product.

~Debra Rogers

xo. Michelle solves the problem of reminding you and helping you connect to your own voice, purpose and magic with unwavering clarity and confidence with soul rich celebration, so not even your own limiting beliefs can hold you back from getting out in the world with the loving conviction you desire. She is a changemaker on a mission championing the way for other changemakers, to step up and shine alongside her in creating a world rich in goodness and love by shining in the brilliance of your own unique expression with her as your secret weapon.

~Tia Evangelou

xo. Michelle helped me dig deep to elicit my true core values and connect them to my brand and my business. She then helped me link these values to the transformation that a client would get who worked with me. She also helped me design an online program. The brilliance of Michelle is that she works efficiently and quickly to help bring out the best in her clients so they can infuse that essence in their business. Michelle solves the problem of getting to your true passions, strengths, and values to help create a vision for your life and work.

~ Dr.Jill Baron

Give yourself permission to plan, to dare think about future plans and take yourself on an adventure – one inside the work that matters most to you, all the while taking true care of your yourself, all by seeing your talents, ideas and new solutions come to life (finally).

Realize your new futures and let’s offer the world and our communities what they need most.


Let’s make more than just lemonade,

let’s help change the world.


Reimagine LOGO FNL
© Copyright 2020 Michelle Ghilotti Int’l