REFUGEE SUPPORT STORY, Day 5: Today was a day for the women, for the fierce mamas

Their husbands and eldest sons were invited to watch the ’92 Barcelona team play, so the ladies had camp to themselves today.

It was a BIG day for the men and boys, too.

Can you imagine being a soccer-loving kid here and, after everything you’ve experienced recently, you’re given a day playing big-deal soccer and then after, watch a pro team play, all the while, wearing new soccer cleats? Get out.

Today, after seeing the guys leave on buses, we said hi to the women leaving the Female Friendly Space who just had knitting class. This was the same space I came to and quickly joined in on 10 minutes of a yoga and dance class yesterday.

There’s a lot weighing on these minds, but whenever we passed each other over the last five days, they would always find a way to weave in a huge smile (gorgeous women, gorgeous smiles, fierce mamas).

I worked in the women’s boutique most the day organizing clothes that came in, so next week when I’m not here, it’s easier for ladies to find clothes that keep them warm, and, hopefully, also make them feel beautiful.

We want them to feel beautiful and honored — (see Day 3’s share about dignity).

To close out the week, late this afternoon, I, myself, felt honored to visit families off campus about 40 kilometers away who had delivered babies days before.

They were happy to have us visit, bring some groceries and introduce their babies to us (when you have a baby here, you deliver in the hospital, then live in an apartment for the first couple months).

I’m grateful my cousin Shannon, a fierce mama to many, made this afternoon happen. She’s doing an outstanding job here.

We had coffee at one of the homes, and I sat on the floor talking to the family, where the children, once again, translated for us.

The topics were, of course, how many babies I had (all were shocked I only had one), where I lived and where I was “from-from” (they would always point to their skin and face and ask which always made me smile).

I filled with more gratitude that equal to being loved by family.

And, this week could be described as exactly that — familial, in unique and unexpected ways familiar, and full of feeling, all kinds of them.

It’s a small world after all and, though we may sometimes forget or be distracted by what we look like, no matter who we are and where we live, we all have the same ones — feelings.

Love from the road,





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