The human road ain’t easy.

And yet, sometimes, you catch a break, and complete strangers or foreign countries (Greece for the refugees) remind you of the compassion that exists within each of our skin suits that refills the reserve of hope and healing.

You might catch a shower break, a snack break as you build your fire in the cold of Filippiada’s Winter or the biggest break yet which means your children, forced two to seven months ago from their country and homes, have been approved by the Greek government to, finally, go to school.

Today, in the large tent at camp, the parents received the formal paperwork to make this a reality. I was moved to tears.

It’s not yet sitting alongside Greek children, but it’s a step in the right direction (they’ll attend from 2-6pm when the local kids are gone).

More good news — they’ll be headed to school in new (but, used) boots which we made sure to walk or even run in, so we knew they were comfortable. They loved running and trying to beat me (which they did).

The news of school becoming a reality and sitting today with the remaining men, teenage boys or little boys and girls who still needed shoes or rain boots, then seeing them walk (or run) out relieved, once again, moved me to tears.

The young men are still the group who have affected me most this week, see Day 1’s share.

There are no adequate words for how it feels to share in or create moments with this community. It’s motivated me to make sure that more of us experience what it’s like to add generosity (of spirit) to our (human) business model. And, as importantly, what it’s like to feel ourselves simultaneously receiving, while we give, see Day 2’s share.

I’ve needed and wanted to get my hands dirty for a while, particularly around the refugee crisis, and, though I am heading home soon, I’m keen not to wash them anytime soon…

Love from the road,





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