REFUGEE SUPPORT STORY, Day 3: Dignity in difficult situations

Today, I was part of the welcoming community for those coming in to shop and I also worked helping more men find boots or sports shoes they felt good in.

Refugee Support’s goal is dignity; to make the families and individuals here feel dignified in their experience.

How can we make things feel better for those who are marginalized or forced from their homes and from their beloved children, wives, sisters, brothers or mothers?

No rummaging through boxes is one way. (I can’t call it small because nothing done with love is small).

What they’ve created in what used to be a stark warehouse is incredible. The women’s, men’s and children’s boutique, as well as the “shoe-tique”, are filled to the brim with love.

There are dressing rooms, mirrors and benches to sit on while trying on shoes and organization that feels…so…good.

I admire those who have worked so hard to create these spaces. Many of those in the community have mentioned how it’s made them feel and it matches the overall goal.

To feel seen and as welcome as they would in their favorite shop back home. In other words, to feel as seen and welcome as we all deserve.

While they’re in the shops, we chat, we help them find what they feel good in, we hold divine beings called babies (see last share), and we are together in one short moment or many short moments strung together throughout some days, that may seem little to some, but that are anything but.

At the end of the day, a couple of us joined in to stretch and dance with the men and children of the community (the older 20-something’s led the 5-something’s).

Nearby, too, some of the men were practicing breakdance moves, and one of the moves looked identical to my favorite yoga pose, so, I joined in.

They thought it was funny, kindly told me I wasn’t doing the move quite right and continued smiling showing everyone what they knew.

This stretch — is life.

I hope for all of us to stretch so much that we create a bridge of understanding between two distinct lands [of thought, or beliefs], one that allows all to cross and continue to stretch and live, live and stretch.

This dance is also life.

It begs of us to dance even when we don’t hear the music.

Love from the road,





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