Prison Day Tomorrow

At this time tomorrow, I will have been driving for two hours to a new prison. ⁣

I won’t know anyone who will have hopped in my car at 5:50am (reminds me ~ I answered a Craigslist ad 10 years ago for a runner to complete a team for Hood to Coast and ended up spending a full day and night in a sweaty van, not sleeping, but running with that crew, one of the more awesome and memorable times). ⁣

Strangers. Friends you simply haven’t met yet. ⁣

Tomorrow’s agenda is forgiveness, being impeccable with your word, depression and more (infinite gratitude, Fritzi and the Compassionate ⁣Prison Project).⁣

This photo is of sentiments shared by a few men from a previous prison visit.⁣

I am often asked why (more like WHY!!??) I would go to prison and my answer, it doesn’t come in words. It’s this —💗 .⁣

It’s the same reason I jumped with excitement to answer the Craigslist ad, tell my kid my own insecurities, let people into my lane in busy LA traffic, say hi and look into the eyes of those homeless in any city when I walk by…[or — if/when I veer from being who I really am, as quickly as possible check myself and get back to that. To 💗].⁣

Strangers. Not and never — really. There’s always something common to find inside our humanity and sweaty imperfection. ⁣

It’s in all of us. The sweaty imperfection and💗. We just get to train our imperfection(s) to use the 💗 to see the💗.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur

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