Prepping Soil for What’s Next Creatively & Professionally

A story followed by an invitation. Ladies, save the date of June 6th. 🌅

My one and only tattoo bears the name of my baby bird (baby brother).

I especially love where it‘s placed because it’s where I feel my heart beat —

My Mom never dug tattoos (in fact, she told Dino he “better never get one”), but when he died, we all ran to get them in his honor.

Let’s go together, she said, and we did.

Once there, we did tequila shots and I laughed because she wasn’t a big drinker (and definitely not tequila, #fancynancy) but there we were at each other’s side, as it felt best in those early days (and later days, too).

This photo, taken on a trip while overseas with Josh, before individual work trips, is one I asked the photographer to capture.

It was fairly soon after Dino had died.

But I didn’t want my face in the shot, just my heart space (warrior necklace) and arm where his name and the itty inked bird called home.

When I’ve really thought about it, it’s not so much that his loss was such a turning point in my life (though it was, trust me), it’s that his life was.

His LIFE was a turning point in my own life.

As we do, I turned inward during a number of those years, life feeling like it had stopped and wondering why others’ lives hadn’t as well (those of you who have experienced grief know what I’m talking about)…

Seasons made up of challenge and loss (the times that precede each of our comebacks) can be exactly that, a call to turn in and away from the expectations of the world to do, do, do to come back…better, maybe, but just to come b a c k at all.

That’s what many of us are feeling right now ~ the inward, the quiet, the molasses side of us, as a friend and former client recently stated it.

I describe it as being inside the be bonnet of life and I feel that be-ingness very much right now.

On the flip, but connected and as true, many or most of us are deeply in the do, attempting to put food on the table, keeping businesses or jobs going, all while trying to balance the needs of each family member (or simply of ourselves).

I’ve heard from many friends that they’re busier and more exhausted now at the end of each day than ever and I think many of us can understand that. I do.

The unknown adds to it, of course, and I felt that early on in navigating grief.

I, too, definitely feel much of the do, do, do and do-ing these days. I feel inside both realities at the moment as many of us are.

There are moments of be and much of do or moments of do and many of be…and it all changes, how we feel changes minute to minute and it depends on many factors.

But, it’s inside this inward phase or quality, whether we know we’re doing it or not, that points to a work on ourselves that in many ways leads us to what’s meant for us (check out the latest LIVEN livestream on Failure Resumes).

We could also say that this “work” is forced upon us during times like this.

It was for me on me, but the word “forced” doesn’t mean I kicked and screamed to avoid it because I didn’t.

I looked all the dark circles right between the eyes and caught every tear drop, reflecting on them one by one.

I reflected on the smiles and the joy, too, because there was still much of that available (I’ve shared this before, but it can’t be said enough…it’s incredible how pain and joy beautifully coexist, brother and sister emotions —).

The “self-shaping“ work that was brought on by Dino’s loss and subsequently by my Mom’s passing shortly after (but that I’d done many times before) was good work.

It’s part my coaching practice that allowed it in (or that I knew what to do), but the truth is that my body (and the trusting or feeling of all emotions) knew what to do.

I consciously stepped into these practices and inside the overall slowing down (and reflection period) and it eventually helped me get clear again on what I genuinely wanted to do next in life, work, motherhood and family, but all with the truth of what I knew now about myself and about the preciousness of life.

It launched me into starting the #friendshipexperiment among other things, as well as to start the second book idea and, generally, tweak what was next in business to deeply meaningful heights.

In other words, it all helped to bring a new aspect of the woman who had emerged from it all to a life of joy, play and purpose and to work of the same name ~ joy, play and purpose.

Dan Weiden, an ad industry OG who Josh worked with up in Portland, said that chaos is the only thing that really wants you to grow, the only friend who really wants you to be creative and I’d say it’s very true.

This and more is what the beautiful creation below is about and it’s my gift to the community, just as The Creative Heroine Experience was here in LA two years ago:

LIVEN, A Self-Shaping Retreat: Prepping Soil for What’s Next Creatively & Professionally (link in comments ~ again, my gift to you)…

I would love to host you inside the complimentary experience on June 6th (the link to sit in council together and do the work that matters most is in the comments below).

Because after 10, 11, 12 weeks, we are all stepping in with new ideas of who we are and what we want creatively and professionally and the intention for the retreat is time to devote to diving in to come out with the energy and clarity for the next right action.

We’ll do that and more on that Saturday with much song and soul, and all from the comfort (or wild) of your own home.

Join us. 🦢💗


Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand (and, much more)…

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Activator, Brand Strategist & Experience Creator

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