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There’s still so much to share (and maybe there always will be) about the vision quest ~ nine days, four days fasting, three nights and three days solo in the wild, no shelter…

I shared for about 40 minutes at the Greater Good Party Friday and I merely scratched the surface, but I cried in closing.

This particular share isn’t exactly or traditionally emotional, but it does feel simply or practically transformative.

What has come to mind as I drink water these last many weeks post quest is how awesomely engrained it is for me to now ask this question: do I need a snack of water? (I realize, of course, how much deeper the river runs beyond or beneath this question). 

The four days in nature drinking only water did even more for me than gift me this question, but it was big as I now realize how habitual eating can be when many times food is not what we’re/I’m hungry for. 

At least half the time pre-quest, I would grab for a bar to snack on between meals as habit, as something to enjoy or to keep me “busy” (not necessarily out of hunger — keep metabolism going, they say, too, so eat). But what I understand now that I wanted every other time was actually something else —

A walk.

A talk.

More honesty.

Greater purpose.

Water (all the above acting, of course, as a type of water ~ cleansing acts).


I think of the bars I’d reach for and though they were “healthy”, those with a few simple clean ingredients (upon further review, with a good dose of sugar in them, too), they were substitutes at times for other inner life-enhancing things. 

I think we all do this in one way or another: substitute to the thing that’s closest or easiest when what we want to munch on is deeper inside our souls.

My sugar intake pre-quest was already low, but it’s lower now because of the inquiry and learning that came from the time away from it all given to the longer conscious pause:

Do I need a snack of water? (I do drink a lot more water now).

And, the deeper question that came up on the mountain and every day since: 

What am I really hungry for?

What part of me do I get to connect or be closer to, more honest with? To express more?

I think it’s a valid question to ask for greater peace and success in so far as emotional life results (peace, fulfillment, self love) go: what are we really hungry for that we’ve been substituting with food (no matter how “healthy”), alcohol, working out, arguments, work, travel even or general busyness? 

What or who (inside) haven’t we sat with long enough to see and hear more deeply from them? And what haven’t we learned from THAT guru?






Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur

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