Passport to Greatness (parents you’ll understand)

I always love finding the passport baby announcement I designed for Nolan in with our real passports.

The first page inside reads: Our Little Wish Let Loose on the World and three languages, Spanish, English and Dutch announce his birthday (7/18/05).

…that’s exactly what he is in our eyes and likely what all of us adults were/are in our parents eyes, too ~ their wishes let loose on the world.


About two or three years ago when Nolan was about nine and started becoming more independent, Josh and I were sitting on the couch watching a show after putting him down. Out of nowhere, I squealed (the kind that comes out unexpectedly when you’ve seen something shocking).

Josh: What…what’s wrong?!

Me: It just hit me. What if Nolan wants to move to Iceland or somewhere really far away when he grows up?!!

Josh: That IS what we’re teaching him…


Me: I know…I know…

A more full-bodied conversation continued. It’s best described by this — just like Kokology, one of our favorite books to spark family conversation, travel is a game of self-discovery, one that may excite your kids as much as it has excited you and, yes, likely and eventually, take them away and away.

Nolan told us twice over the last year that he’d like to go to Holland, his birth country, for school at some point. It genuinely made me happy to hear him say that. I’ve always spoken to him about my study abroad experiences at 16 and 20 and he’s obviously been aware of our moves to Holland and Mexico.

I’m ECSTATIC that he gets to know the world without us. It just hadn’t occurred to me until a few years ago that he might do it WITHOUT US (the wise one inside always knew that our expat living as a family and other adventures would inspire him, but that was cute when he was three and the reality was far out in the distance).

As I’ve realized over the last few years, little boys don’t stay little for long (he’s 12 in a couple weeks), so I’ll love up on his wings. I will. And I’ll continue to show him mine which are always expanding, too.

I love this little wish, our only child, so much that I miss him already. Parents, I know many of you feel me.

Off to Italy and Israel.

Wings! That’s the wish…always been the wish 🙂

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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