Death + The Catacombs in Paris

In July, we visited the Catacombs in Paris. I’ve been holding onto this story as told by our private tour guide since then.

Those in charge wanted to see what would happen to life inside this musty, cool dark underground cemetery.

They placed a few goldfish inside one of the short wells that naturally held water.

It didn’t take long for the goldfish to become blind.

They also eventually died. 

Living things, all living beings  — can’t live in the dark, whether it’s darkness first created by us or by others.

We can’t live between walls of untruths. It goes against nature. And darkness, emotionally-speaking, in whatever form it takes or who it comes from, will always or eventually take a life, its own or another’s. It’ll zap it right out.

It’s vital to search for truth until found — to search for light — for what’s real and honest and in integrity with nature, not simply for us (definitely for us), but for all others (definitely for all others). 

Darkness — the longer we’re in it — doesn’t allow for us to see ourselves or others clearly, not to mention recognizing and acting upon the value and worth inherent in both. 

We start to either adjust to the dark, to what’s been fabricated or we accept and perpetuate it, maybe losing the ability to see/feel/understand that there’s even anything to fix, to make different or more well. 

We need more well people…more well-ness.

Bringing tough moments or our own imperfections to light does that. We become more well and we call for others around us, those in our families, friendship circles or larger society, to as well. 

Becoming well signals our evolution.

Light or truth and what’s real is soil for healing and a symbol of no longer living disconnected to our own vibrancy (soul), but once again in communion with it.

We need light, not solely to live, but to live well. We need light to see, to know where to go and for how to move purposefully. We need light/truth, like we need food, water, affection or love. 

Truth is that thriving place we all meet to live better, sleep better, work better, see better, mother better, daughter better, father better, son better, serve better, evolve…b e t t e r.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

Choose 2 From List, Creating Your Offerings (list inside)

I just finished (as in Saturday “just”) with my Ecstatic Experience Immersion day here in LA where ladies learned how to create meaningful and truly unique experiences for their tribe (I’m looking to create the virtual edition so more of you can benefit, so, as I said before, stay tuned!)…

While I create it and the next AMAZING experience(s) in my lineup, I wanted to ask which of the following offerings would best support where you are right now in this season of your business/ movement? Check them out and feel free to simply hit reply to let me know what your top two (or maybe three!) are. I’d LOVE to hear from you (soooo appreciate the feedback).

(In addition, I hope the following list inspires you to create your own list of unique offerings!):

1. Brand to Success ~ revisit, revise and refresh your brand identity (how to integrate your talents, values, story, and your professional and life experience into a profitable, standout brand that makes people feel like they’ve known you forever). You leave with your message clear, story powerful and what makes you.

2. Signature Strategy Style ~ gain clarity on the 3-8 steps in your signature coaching or consulting process, all helping to set you apart and deliver results to your clients. You leave with your signature process in-hand. 

3. Ecstatic Experience Immersion ~ event design for the woman sparking a movement, the 12 elements and complete framework and six-step plan for a sensory and results-driven event experience. You leave with the six-month event experience plan completed. 

4. High Touch ~ the step-by-step behind creating your first (or next) digital course and the creation of passive income. You leave with the unique(-to-you) steps to finally launch your online program.

5. Mom Mogul ~ the six-figure business framework, success habits and business model of making a living and having a life. You leave with the habit of setting and meeting of audacious goals each month, while family, travel and time away stays a top priority.

6. Core Passion & Plan ~ Taking your latest passion and creating the business foundation, yearly plan and three signature offerings to match. You leave with 
a focused breakout of your brand’s message, its business model and more.

7. CEO Changemaker ~ Learning the principles (and practicing them) to grow a financially-abundant business-turned-movement. You leave having learned to launch your next purposeful project and having grown your social entrepreneur-focused leadership arm.

I have reveled in guiding female entrepreneurs through each of these offerings — talk about feeling a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Purpose and fulfillment! 

Thank you so much in advance for letting me know what sparks you from the list above! I’m excited to get to know you better. 

What new offerings, element of your passion, business or brand expression will you finally “launch” or share with others?

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur