Shooting Today (and Re-invention!)

I’ve found that as women we “reinvent” ourselves by not necessarily reinventing in the traditional sense that might point to being someone different, but we reinvent by actually letting out what’s been in us all along.

What I said to my client and dear friend Lindsey this morning connects back to this ~ what we’re doing today in this first shoot for Take a Thought and Run With It , I said, was started long ago…it was started in your heart, inside your innate talents & creativity and within the truth of your life experience(s), those from long ago and most recently, too (both the tough and the joyous experiences).

That she is saying yes to working with it all (to, essentially, letting more of that full self out which has only shown her more fully, too, to the people, places and opportunities that were meant to be for a more full exploration of life) is helping humanity in the process and has already helped many heal as she heals, too (I believe we are “healing” all the time). 

So that today’s a big day, yes, and today is also quite simply a continuation of who she is and has always been…

I’m proud and honored to be part of this brilliant woman’s life and project.

I heard this in a dream a couple years ago “it’s only when you show who you really are that more is revealed” and boy has it been true, both for myself and the women I commune with.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today has shined a bright light on the fact that as women, we don’t need the full 24 hours.


We got it and got you in 23. And though this may feel like it only applies to those of us ladies living in the United States, Canada and parts of Mexico (since daylight savings starts for us today and we technically lost one hour), this goes for every woman everywhere.

Our abilities are as deep and wide as the ocean and it’s fun as hell to go out into the world and think, speak and act as such…

Happy International Women’s Day!


Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

Your Mini Vision Quest

Do you need a snack…of water?

I ask myself that all the time now, thanks to the vision quest.

Four days of drinking only water shifted some things for me, as did four days of having nothing but a journal, sleeping bag, myself as a party of one (good company btw) and this phone to take photos (no mobile coverage 7,000 feet up, but I did have soul coverage, so I was pretty well-connected the whole time). 

While up there, I got my energy from the rituals and routines I created every day, from meditation, journaling, napping, from ideas and altars I came up with, from praying, taking ample time to look at, smell and connect with nature (boy, did I have ample time…I hopped from sitting under one tree, to another, then another and another), and definitely from the water I drank (three liters worth over the four days).

Water has always helped me with headaches, or to simply slow down ~ being more mindful of the moment I’m in by drinking a little more and a little more and all slowly. 

But recently, I’ve felt it help with better health, energy and overall wellness through better digestion (read: resting my gut).

Instead of snacking on nuts, fruit or a bar a couple times or few times a day, as I used to when I thought I was hungry (I now realize 85% of it was out of habit, rather than true hunger or a “need” to eat), I now drink water (all the while, making sure that my three meals are enough and healthy, balanced sustenance for the day and they are. I’m satiated now in a way I wasn’t before adding even more vegetables and healthy fats). 

All the natural or hidden sugar in our snacks (and meals) that cause us to want more sugar and more snacks is a big piece of this entire discussion, as well. 

We’re definitely led to believe that our metabolism needs flowing food all day or that it’ll slow down, too. But, truly, when do our guts rest?  Just like everything else, they need it. 

And, as importantly, how can we live, move and love more mindfully, stopping to ask way more often, what we are actually truly hungry for?

Because so much of the time, it’s genuinely not food —instead, it might be a change of pace, a job transition, a deeper feeling of purpose, being better seen inside our closest relationships, adventure and on and on it can go like that…
Being more aware of the blanket prescriptions made to the masses from those *out there* who don’t know who you are *in there* ~ gut and health-wise, as well as from a soul or emotional level, is also key.

Just because we hear that metabolism slows as we age, doesn’t mean that for us eating all day long is right (and sure, there are medical or other reasons to eat more often, as I did during acute gastritis for a time, where smaller and more frequent meals were best), but, most of the time, we’re not actually stopping to check in to ask or feel what’s right for us.

Instead, we’re moving fast to buy the next supplement, hopping into the next diet or eating the next cool bar on the market, without thinking and researching what’s best for us ~ the physical *and* emotional *and* spiritual-bodied US.

Talking to professionals who have taken the time to get to know you, in addition to *you* knowing you, to come out the other end with the best prescription for health and wellness, is part the prescription, too (speaking with those who have daily practice and knowledge around all of the above has been important over the years and definitely post vision quest after feeling the positive effects of the extended water fast, wanting to find out even more around why this had such a positive impact on me). 

As I’ve shared before, it was an honor to be up there alone, it really was (not to be confused, of course, with being lonely, because that I was not). 

I loved it. 

And the benefits of all nine days, but most definitely of the four, keep showing up (anxious to take my clients out on their first day-long or mini quests). 

Tonight, slow down — close your eyes as you eat your dinner and feel the joy of enjoying it differently.

Tomorrow in a long moment separate from food, ask ~ what is it that I’m truly hungry for? And while you wait to hear or feel the answer, have that snack of water.

Interested in doing a mini quest with me soon? Let me know and I’ll send you the info once it’s complete. 

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

Stop Hiding Your Body

As women we sometimes shy away from printing or showing photos like these because, well, we always think there’s something to fix, filter or crop from our bodies, but I ran across this one from our December trip yesterday and loved it (again) for it all represents…

Our bodies (and the body of work known as our life) are beautiful because they’re ours and they’ve helped us get many places, learn (and re-learn) many things and do many things while experiencing our many senses…

To me, this photo, more than anything screams, “Look, look at ALL this life we get to live, the miles we get to traverse daily to make the best of each day, relationship, perceived problem and opportunity, looook and look closely and precisely…look again and again, don’t take anything you have emotionally, physically or spiritually for granted because it was all granted specifically to you in exactly the way it was to uniquely DO, BE and FEEL with — plus you likely worked hard for those emotional, physical and spiritual gifts.”

We have these bodies on lease to us for a time, we can’t hold onto them forever, so, do, be, be, do, be, be, do, do (and stop being so shy about sharing who you really are, what you truly think or what you really look like).

As an Indian proverb says, let’s die while we’re still alive! 


Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur