On Top Of a Plane (literally & figuratively)

This photo popped up on my memory feed today. It’s a photo I posted a few years ago to commemorate a work anni that had passed (I celebrated 19 years in business with Michelle Ghilotti Int’l in September).

I smiled because this is me (I love dressing up and thinking of just the shot for me or a client), but this is also me ~> the woman who loves sweating during a tough workout, being in nature without creature comforts or at home without having to change from morning to night. 

I’m so proud of all that’s been done in these 19 years (and during my 45 years, too): continuing my business in two different countries after leaving the US (I loved watching Nolan play as a few month old directly in front of my desk at our place in Amsterdam) and continuing, too, to grow the whole operation (the company/practice and new family) as I also journeyed through grief with my brother and Mom tragically leaving us in a short period, etc.

It’s been a blessed and regal ride! #painandjoycoexist

Connected to that, I’m celebrating two or so years in the business of genuinely (more deeply/consciously) focusing on my relationships outside my immediate family, especially those friendships that with work, motherhood and grief, I had not watered in awhile. 🌱 

In helping women come up with the words to express themselves and their higher callings, supporting them to get clear on what that calling is, to create true experiences (not just events) for their clients to further transform, helping them to decide how to water their own most important relationships (both internally & externally) and generally create a brand expression that is true to their essence or soul, I’ve witnessed something over and over…

We cut ourselves off from the FULL experience (the JOY) of life when we don’t express one part or the many parts of ourselves.  

As far as dimensions and passion, we are of many, not of one. We are not solely one thing or one expression.

As women (and men) we don’t need to split ourselves up into two or seven different people to be successful. In fact, the opposite is true (I appreciate sharing this with Nolan, especially as the knee jerk for a person at his stage and age is to feel that they do).

If you feel you need to be one way in business and another in real life (or one way in this friend or professional group but another way in another group), know today and this coming Monday and all Mondays that come that it’s all real life. 

Your clients, colleagues, new and old friends all have that same “real life” and a very alive and real multi-dimensionality — you can absolutely live and express the full range of yours.

A fairly wild-sized joy, healing and mystical understanding is intimately connected to it. 

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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