Nine Days in the Wild (what he said to me)

I’ve realized over the last year that you’re much more than my mama.

That’s what he said to me while I was bent down hugging and kissing him goodnight in July.

I had just gotten back from nine days in the wild where four of those were fasted days, just water, and three days and three nights sans anyone around 🐻🦁or much to do, but love up on the sights around me (I moved/walked a total of 10-20 feet max per day as I was light-headed, with little energy, only compounded, of course, by being 7,000+ feet up).

It was only me (time and time again, doing my own thing, I realize that you and I, are not “only me” but A LOT — we have a lot, and enough, within ourselves), a sleeping bag, a blow up pillow, two tea lights, matches, a toothbrush, un-scented toothpaste (because~>🐻) a journal, pen, salt for my water (if I needed it), two jackets, other clothing items and a head lamp.

I’ve told close friends what Nolan said to me that night many times, and, more times than this actual recalling or recounting to others, I’ve let his words sink into the deepest crevasses of my awareness.

…this awareness of him, of his own awareness of the world and of WHO Josh and I truly ARE outside of “his parents”, connected to that, an awareness of what he needs from me/society/the world…also — an awareness, of course, of who I am at my core, separate from titles, responsibilities, trials, joys even — that pure unfiltered essence or truth.

He — the experience inside our relationship — has allowed and bled beautifully into truth.

It’s opened what high truth, individuality and relationship means in my life, especially as we each grow in height or heart or awareness even more.

This relationship with him (and the one with self which you can’t separate from a relationship with another) has helped to create all of
T H A T.

I wrote to him in a text recently: I love you, Nolan Luc Mandel. I appreciate the space you hold for me to share and be who I am, all of me, thank you.

All of me, THANK YOU.

#nohiding (🐻🦁)

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
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