My Vision Quest/Fast

It was another moving three days of my ecopsychology training/apprenticeship that leads me to the vision quest in July. ⁣

Early next month, I’ll venture out on a nine day trip into the mountains and four of these days (+ three nights), while doing a water fast, I’ll be inside my longest “solo journey” yet (what makes a Vision Quest = no company, no food and no creature comforts, only you, the creature…). ⁣

I’m both eager and reluctant and it’s all perfect or as it should be (I found out this weekend the water fast is actually four days, not three and that it’s recommended that we sleep in the elements (covered by a tarp etc), versus being in a tent, nothing between me and the wild to be able to communicate with.). ⁣

Repeating: eager…reluctant, smiling as I type those words again.⁣

But this is exactly why I’m choosing the challenge or this “problem” to solve — because experiences in life that show us or remind us that pain and joy can and do coexist are ridiculously empowering. There’s nothing you can’t not do once you understand or embody this more deeply. ⁣

When we choose our own problems to solve (and over and over), we truly suffer less at the hands of those that come unplanned or “unchosen”. Because life does bring those. xo⁣

Going without food, shelter and company also encourage a hunger, openness, and solitude that opens us up to what we are really hungry for (downloads we’ve been looking for happening in conditions like these). ⁣

In fact, I love reframing a “stress” like this (going without shelter, food, and company and only being able to bring a journal and clothes and many other items, etc. to keep warm and stay safe) as a stretch ~ the good kind ~ of our emotional strength instead. ⁣

It’s been a powerful and transformative experience already and it continues for another four months after the vision quest/vision fast. I can’t wait…and can’t wait to share more. ⁣

One of my teachers shared this about vision –⁣

“Your vision is not real until it’s performed for the people to see…”. I love the poetic field this lives in and equally loved the fields I found myself alone in all weekend for my shorter solo journeys. ⁣

It’s true ~ many of us sit with ideas, dreams, and plans for a lifetime (~>we sit in hiding with who we really are<~) which means the world misses out on our depth (your depth), our full personality (your full personality), our full power (your full power) and, ultimately, on our purpose that only we can fulfill (your purpose that only you can fulfill).   ⁣

What do you want to create in your life for greater fulfillment — for a genuinely loved-up and conscious legacy? How do you want to express more fully in your chosen work (or higher calling), relationship or family orrrr gain clarity on that higher calling, relationship and/or family? ⁣

AND — how can nature facilitate that, moving you from holding a smartphone to holding the vast and finally enlivened vision you’ve been wanting (vision boarding and going through the same motions with the same people or inside the help provided by the same industries won’t create what you are looking for if you want something wildly different than what you’ve had which so many of us do…). ⁣

The training and vision quest experience is (already) one of the greatest gifts of my life — one I can’t wait to bring with me into my work and my next retreat experience (reach out if this speaks to you). ⁣

As women who feel restless between adventures, wanting to make something insanely electric of our lives, we must choose to climb in new ways. And keep choosing…⁣

New ways, new days.⁣

New days, new ways.  ⁣

The adventure. She continues.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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