My Thoughts About Parenthood (teenagehood! ❤️)

I looked over at him in the passenger seat 40 minutes ago and thought who is this young man coming to my house??

A couple weeks ago, Josh and I cleaned out the garage and put aside some of the most memorable young Nolan clothes and shoes in a box for him for when he’s older (we had originally saved even more for potentially another young someone, however, I knew early on that I felt complete with this guy).

I hadn’t shown Nolan these little adidas until we got home from school today (after having my ‘boy are things changing fast, HE is changing fast’ moment). He didn’t remember wearing them, of course, but he loved them and definitely wanted to save them. 💙

In other news, there really is something to what you start in their formative years sticking, specifically what you start or say or do with them consistently throughout years 0-7.

Last week, he didn’t blink an eye when I invited him to sage the funky energy in the room where he and I had just had a chat or when I told him about the gorgeous honey jar idea Deborah Harlow shared with a group of us at Zsuzsa’s…he was also game. 

He and I sat on the ground and wrote out our intentions for how we’d like to continue our close, yet naturally evolving relationship, then filled the jar with flowers and honey. Candle wax was next to seal in the sweetness of the relationship…of the relating ship. 🚢

Wherever this ship or train is going in the next three to four years before he leaves home and however much more he changes, I’m all in. I love this young man SO very much!

High school might be a learning curve for him, but boy is it also one for me. There’s this funny thing in parenthood…we get fooled at times in thinking that we are teaching them a thing or two, but, they, oh *they* are our teachers! 


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