My Teacher Said This (It May Help You)

I appreciate what my TM teacher said to us a couple years ago ~ you don’t meditate for the feeling you get while in meditation (it doesn’t always feel good/isn’t always easy and sometimes you’re actually agitated while doing it), you meditate for the feeling or results you get after you meditate.

The same can be said for writing a book or going after any big project…you don’t sit down to write or create X for the feeling while doing so, you do it for the impact it will have on you and others once it’s completed. 

Most of us stop doing the thing we most want at some point in the creative process because we think it has to feel good every time we do it, but that’s not real ~ it’s not the case. 

We get to keep going despite the feelings of not wanting to get up that day, we get to walk right passed not wanting to write or work until the alarm goes off, and so on…

Many times and moms know this well, the very things that bring us the most joy, growth, and purpose are the hardest to bring to light. But we stick with them and the confidence gained as a result is worth gold, worth life…

Do the thing you’re committed to because you are a person who is committed and do the thing not for the feeling while working on it, necessarily, but for the feeling of knowing you are working purpose into your every day. 

Showing up for you, for others — for this life — means this (you must mean this) and it means everything. 
Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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