My Prison Work (the film!)

Once we become aware, we become accountable.

This is what a dear spiritual teacher taught me years ago and it’s how I feel with what I’m going to share ~ knowing what I now know, I feel accountable to some great thing with great value (~> to many humans with great value).

I want to (and will) continue to make the size of a difference you see, and most importantly feel, in this film…

As the film shows, it’s trauma that is the “gateway” for the vast majority of the guys we work with. That said, the work we do inside the Compassion Prison Project ~ powerful and genuinely transformational.

Take a few-minute feel and watch the film that CPP produced with Fritzi Horstman (CPP lead and Grammy winner for “The Defiant Ones”) with the help of Oscar-nominated Rodrigo Prieto.

It is truthfully-telling and affects me every single time I watch it and I’ve watched it many times (in less than a day we received 100k+ views (way higher total views now) and we’ve received support from the world over and I understand why.

I think for many, it’s the first time they’re seeing or reconfirming visually and in words what it truly means to be behind bars before someone might actually be behind physical ones as an adult.

A few days ago, I came upon this note from my second visit to prison:

”We’re going to spread the word there are humans in here.”

We have — and I add to that: we’re going to spread the word there are humans here whose young boy spirit was deeply traumatized over and over again.

We need to more fully share the realities of their lives to better understand what type of rehabilitation is needed in our system (and that it’s needed, period).

I can’t tell you how much this work means to me. I’m motivated each day, each story and with each human I meet.

Thank you Compassion Prison Project and thank you humanity, high truth and transformation.

~> We are spreading the word there are humans in there.

[If anyone you know would appreciate seeing the film, please share and consider donating if you’re called (

Lastly, if you or anyone you know might be able to translate this film into another language, please do reach out].⁣

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