My Hospice Experience Last Week (Soul Scientist)

I called Josh a minute before walking into my new hospice patient’s home (when I need to ground myself, connecting with this man is one thing that immediately does it).

My last words to him before we hung up and I walked up to knock, knock, knock:

Honey, I don’t even know him yet and I love him.

~ ~ ~ ~

Imagine if we went into our ‘regular’ daily interactions with those we have yet to know more deeply with more energy, tenderness and a willingness…to see another as the person we love (or for those of us who have lost, as the very person we’ve lost).

Our stress levels, road rage and walls of all kinds, once there and built as high up as they could go would, if not cease to exist, decrease in size dramatically.

Would those days be really good days?

Those days would be really good days.

Life is good,


p.s. How does your brand of woman express her soul’s service and what does it say about how to see and experience the world at large?

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